Diem Brown Tribute Photo

Diem Brown’s Ex-Boyfriend Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Calls Her ‘The Love Of My Life’ In Emotional Instagram Post

Diem Brown’s on-again, off-again love, Chris “CT” Tamburello, is understandably devastated over her tragic death.

As the Inquisitr reported, Brown lost her life after a third cancer diagnosis on November 14. On November 18, her friends and family gathered for her New York City funeral. Along with Tamburello, several of Brown’s Challenge co-stars were in attendance. One day later, Tamburello took to Instagram, where he shared an emotional tribute to his ex-girlfriend.

“You have always been My Angel,” Tamburello began in the November 19 post. “And now you have your wings. We’ve been thru[sic] so much over the years. Thru[sic] the ups and downs we somehow managed to keep our promise. We never gave up on each other. Our plan to be together forever hasn’t changed… it’s just going to take a little longer now.”

With Tamburello’s message was a photo of a picture of Diem Brown, surrounded by what appeared to be a rosary and a ring. “I’m going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again,” Tamburello continued.

“Don’t worry mama, I’m not afraid. I know you will always be with me to give me your strength. You are The Love of My Life. My reason to be a better man. I Love You Always and Forever.”

On September 29, Tamburello visited Diem Brown in the hospital, where he shared a sweet moment between them. Along with a photo of himself sleeping at Brown’s side as he held her hand, Tamburello wrote, “Sometimes just being there for someone can be the difference between a good and bad day. @diembrown could definitely use a few… Please go to her support page: www.medgift.com/diemsnextchallenge.”

Tamburello’s final post before Brown’s death was on November 5, when he posted a close-up of Brown and shared a quote from someone with the initials “A.F.”

“There is nothing more delightful than an honest smile when having an awful day. To feel a cool breeze flowing over your body in the burning heat. To see the sun shining bright through the pouring rain and to have a friend who tells you that nothing comes close by any of them than you.”

In addition to the authors quote, Tamburello wrote, “Your smile can change the world. It’s not the other way around… @diembrown #myly #strongereveryday.”

According to the Inquisitr, Tamburello was in attendance at Diem Brown’s November 18 funeral. Evan Starkman, Kenny Santucci, Mark Long, Johanna Botta, Ace Amerson, Paula Meronek, KellyAnne Judd, Ruthie Alcaide, Aneesa Ferriera, Laurel Stuckey, Cara Maria Sorbello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio were also there.

[Photo via Instagram]