Scofflaws Rob Doritos From Delivery Truck Stranded In Buffalo Snow

When you’re in Buffalo and stranded in seven feet of snow, possibly without access to food or water, and there’s an abandoned truck nearby chock full of delicious Doritos, the temptation to steal may just be too much to bear.

Facebook user Angela Oestereich saw a few figures — they look like men, but in seven feet of snow, who can tell? — casually opening up the back door of a Doritos truck that had apparently been abandoned by its driver in the snow and helping themselves to the crunchy snacks.

“Just some people casually robbing the doritos[sic] truck on seneca street. How typical.”

The Doritos theft was also captured by Toronto Global News reporter Jeremy Cohn.

The people of Buffalo, apparently bored to tears and with little else to do, took the pictures to social media and ran with it.

Twitter users’ response to the Doritos theft are making light of the incident, while at the same time showing very little sympathy for the thieves.

Although social media appears to be having a good laugh at the Doritos theft, the Buffalo snowstorm is no laughing matter. Almost seven feet of snow have fallen on the city and at least seven deaths have been reported as of this post, according to TWC News.

Snow in Buffalo is expected to continue to fall at least until Saturday, when some blessed high temperatures and even some sunshine are expected, according to The Weather Channel. Looks like that abandoned Doritos truck is going to be stuck there for a while.

[Image courtesy of: Death and Taxes]