Women Lets Dog Urinate On $2,000 Worth Of Clothing At Lane Bryant, Then Takes Police On High-Speed Chase

Police are looking for Theresa Tumbleson, a 35-year-old New Jersey woman who allegedly let her dog urinate on $2,000 worth of clothing in a Lane Bryant store. According to New Jersey On-Line, Tumbleson entered the Toms River clothing store with a small dog on Monday and allowed her pet to do his business on 14 dresses and 11 pairs of pants.

Whether she piled up the clothes for the dog to pee on or just let the dog loose in the store is unknown, but store personnel reportedly asked Theresa to leave when they caught the dog in the act. When she became “belligerent and refused to leave,” workers called the police. Tumbleson and her dog stayed in the store until minutes before the police arrived. Upon their arrival, she quickly sped away from the store located in the Bey Lea Plaza shopping center.

The New Jersey Patch states that Tumbleson drove away in a white Chevy Malibu, reportedly running several red lights while being chased by police. Officer Carl Basile and Sgt. Scott Moeller were in hot pursuit of Tumbleson, but had to stop pursuing her when they feared the wet roadways would make the chase dangerous to other drivers.

“They attempted to stop her but she sped away, running several red lights as they were behind her with their lights and sirens on. Due to the wet roadway and a fear that the pursuit could imperil others, cops discontinued the chase of Tumbleson.”

When police find Tumbleson, she will not only face charges related to her dog urinating on $2,000 worth of clothing at Lane Bryant, she will also face counts of eluding police and obstruction. Although she hasn’t been captured, her bail is already set at $30,000.

The New Jersey police have been searching for Theresa since Monday afternoon. NJ.com states that Tumbleson was identified by the license plate on her getaway car, but police have not had any success finding her at her Bowman Avenue home in Jackson, New Jersey.

[Images: Toms River PD, Lane Bryant]