Drunken Santas Moving From Manhattan To Brooklyn For SantaCon 2014

With the start of the holiday season next week, talk about SantaCon has begun. For those that don’t know, SantaCon is a convention where people dress up as Santa and roam the streets of New York City. For years this event has been one of the most sloppiest, drunken fests of the year — next to the St. Paddy’s Day Parade. Now Manhattan is not having it, and instead the Santas have decided they will flock to Bushwick in Brooklyn on December 13 for their SantaCon debauchery.

According to the Bushwick Daily, vomiting Santas and elves will congregate in the popular hipster neighborhood. The site decided to publish an e-mail from SantaCon organizers to the different bar owners around town.

“SantaCon 2014 is coming to Bushwick on December 13th from 10am till 2pm. We would like to list your venue as one of our participating locations. We are also partnering with the local police precinct, community board and parks department. We are operating as a completely legal and transparent entity that wants to celebrate our annual creative charity event.”

For the full e-mail click here.

Now that the news has gotten out, a City Council member is hoping to put an end to SantaCon by urging Bushwick bar owners to boycott the event instead of offering to serve Santas and elves.

City Council member Rafael Espinal, Jr put out a statement via Gothamist explaining why he’s against SantaCon coming to Bushwick.

“I think SantaCon is taking advantage of the fact that Bushwick is currently seen as one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country. It’s still a very small community, and I think that business owners, residents and bar patrons wouldn’t be happy. We don’t need something like SantaCon to come in and destroy Bushwick the way it is now.”

Other members of the community are equally horrified that the drunken Santas are heading to Brooklyn.

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