iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple Planning Most Advanced And Most Expensive iPhone Yet

iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple Planning Most Advanced And Most Expensive iPhone Yet

The iPhone 7 rumors are flying, but there’s a drawback to reports of a holographic display and an advanced new camera — a very hefty price tag.

The latest iteration of the iPhone isn’t expected for close to a year, but already the rumor mill is churning rapidly with supposed features of the phone (a complete rundown of the rumored iPhone 7 specs can be found here).

Many of the clues are coming from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which were released in September. Those following Apple closely believe that the iPhone 7 will need to be a step above the latest release, meaning it will likely have a bigger screen size. It could also remove the physical home button in favor of a TouchID sensor.

There are even rumors that the iPhone 7 could have facial recognition for an unlocking feature.

But the new features will come with a price, and a big one at that. Rumors indicate that the iPhone 7 will run in the neighborhood of $650 and $850, making it the most expensive iPhone yet.

Of course, the release is still several months out, so all iPhone 7 rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. It still isn’t even known if it will be called the iPhone 7, or if Apple will take a cue from other recent releases and add a letter to the end of the last number.

Even some of the blogs dedicated to iPhone 7 rumors are noting how strange it is to be speculating about something that could very well be still in development.

“If we turn red with embarrassment then that’s because we know how absurd this is, but it’s mobile news and that’s what we do,” noted the site Mobile Burn. “So, the iPhone 6 has just but been released, which in the world of Apple means that there is no bedding down period as we are already looking forward to the next model, the iPhone 7.”

Apple fans hoping to get a look at the iPhone 7 and see if the rumors pay off will have to bear down for a little while. The release isn’t expected until sometime around September, 2015.

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