David Spade as Joe Dirt.

‘Joe Dirt 2’ On The Way — David Spade Shares Selfie In Costume

Earlier this month, many were surprised to learn that David Spade was working on a sequel to his cult hit comedy film Joe Dirt. Today Spade posted the first photo confirmation that Joe Dirt 2 is really in the works, a selfie of him in the Joe Dirt costume. You can see the full photo below, featuring the famous Joe Dirt side burns and mullet — despite the fact that the character actually had dreadlocks by the end of the first film.

The photo was captioned “Day 1. Let’s get this s*** started! #imjoedirt #whatscrappenin.”

Joe Dirt selfie

According to Deadline, Joe Dirt 2 was scheduled to begin shooting in Louisiana in mid-November, meaning things seem to be right on track. The film is titled Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser and is slated to be released in 2015.

But the new Joe Dirt movie won’t be released to theaters like its predecessor, or other traditional comedies. Joe Dirt 2 will be made specially for digital release on Crackle, according to Cinema Blend. This might not seem as strange for those who heard the news of David Spade’s SNL buddy Adam Sandler, who announced he’ll be releasing four new movies exclusively for the digital streaming platform Netflix. Netflix has released a lot of exclusive content lately, including Orange is the New Black (click here for details about the new season) and House of Cards, both of which have been incredibly successful.

While Joe Dirt 2 won’t be available on a platform as high profile as Netflix, the film will be produced by Happy Madison, who produced the first Joe Dirt and many other comedy hits like Billy Madison and Mr. Deeds. Joe Dirt 2 has been in the planning phases for many years now, so it’s exciting for fans to hear that Spade is finally shooting the movie.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story of Joe Dirt, the movies follow a somewhat pitiful redneck un-affectionately named Joe Dirt by his parents. Early in life, Joe is abandoned by his family at the Grand Canyon and spends the majority of the movie telling the tale of his attempt to track them down on a morning radio show.

So far, no word has been released on what the plot of Joe Dirt 2 will be, but the project is being co-written by David Spade and former Saturday Night Live writer Fred Wolf.

Are you excited to see Joe Dirt 2, or did you hate the first Joe Dirt?