pollo puppy

Weimaraner Puppy Severely Beaten With Baseball Bat Survives Ordeal

It was just one short week ago that a 10-month-old Weimaraner puppy named Pollo was so severely beaten with a baseball bat, that she needed to be rushed to a veterinary facility for emergency surgery to save her life.

When she arrived at the vet’s surgery in Winter Haven, she had suffered a fractured jaw, broken teeth, a broken pelvis, damage to her eye and eye socket, broken bones in her tail, while internal injuries were yet to be determined.

The poor pooch was bleeding heavily from her mouth at the time she arrived at the vet’s and a 24-hour emergency vet from Orlando was called to assist with treating her.

Due to the fact that Pollo’s owner didn’t speak English very well, it was understood by the police that the dog had indeed been beaten with a baseball bat, allegedly by a neighbor, for reasons that are still unclear.

Chris and Denise Ridgeon immediately stepped in on behalf of the Lifeline Dog Rescue organization, even though they don’t usually deal with cases of extreme abuse. Jennifer Feit from Lifeline spoke to reporters about the incident, having been involved in animal rescue since 1995.

Feit, who owns four dogs herself, explained the situation to reporters.

“It breaks my heart whenever I see photos like these. Innocent animals bearing the brunt of anger from people who should not be allowed to walk the streets. I would not want to be the neighbor of whoever caused this beating. Knowing that the best thing I could do at that moment was to get the word out, I contacted as many rescues and friends of animals I knew, including all the Weimie AKC rescue groups, sent them the graphic photos and asked for donations to be sent to the veterinarian and/or rescue on behalf of Pollo.”

With the primary focus at the moment being Pollo’s recovery, apparently, “She’s getting round the clock care. Chris and Denise are with her constantly. She is very damaged, her jaw will need to be re-set, her teeth are broken. Her tail was broken in multiple places; some of those breaks appear to have been made at an earlier time. They’re checking to be sure there is no swelling on the brain before her next surgery.”

It is hoped by all that Pollo makes a full recovery from her ordeal, and that the perpetrator of the heinous act is brought to judgment for his crimes.