Mac Demarco arrested

Mac DeMarco Arrested During Performance

Mac DeMarco is known for his antics during concerts — a story about him being so inebriated on stage that he shoved a drumstick into his rectum is probably the most press that he’s gotten besides the critical buzz for his albums, especially the recent Salad Days.

Mac has again made similarly attention-grabbing headlines when he was arrested at his own concert by campus police at UC Santa Barbara on Friday. After diving into the crowd, DeMarco’s audience hoisted him into the rafters above the auditorium so that he could crawl back on stage. But once he got there, authorities immediately apprehended him and hauled him out of the venue, according to Spin.

Although Mac explained he was actually the one putting on the show, police decided to end his set right there. This was after two other students, 21 and 22, were also arrested for fighting with police earlier in the evening. DeMarco posted a photo to Instagram of his own arrest.

Had a good time with the #santabarbarapolicelastnight #thankyouforcomingout #bebacksoon #penisstillsmall #andywhitebeautifulman #hothorseshit regram @justineklinshaw

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Mac’s previous in-concert antics haven’t died easily. An interviewer with the Canadian BroadcastingCorporation earlier this year asked DeMarco to for explanations for his behavior — to which his response was basically, “I’m always drunk.”

“My friend Jess from Edmonton just moved here, an old friend of mine. We got really drunk before the show and I haven’t seen him in years. He came up onstage, took all his clothes off and I jammed my face in his crotch and also put my face in his butt crack… and it smelled so bad… and then he crowdsurfed about 50 times and we were kissing… no problem.”

At least Mac isn’t taking a Shia LeBeouf route and claiming that these are examples of high performance art. Instead, he openly says that the strange shows are a cover-up for when the band is too intoxicated to pull it together. DeMarco told CBC that it’s a technique to make people feel like the show was still worthwhile.

“The drumstick thing, that was one instance, and that’s become quite famous as far as the things I’ve done. That’s going to haunt me forever… For me, it’s always been — ’cause we’re not a very tight band — if the show is going very terribly, then all you’ve gotta do is pull your penis out and people are like, ‘That was the most amazing show I’ve ever seen, it was so wild.’We were so inebriated, we couldn’t play our instruments — we were tricking people.'”

Do you think Mac DeMarco’s concert should have been shut down?

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