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German Goaltender Tim Wiese Appears In WWE Championship Match

German goalkeeper Tim Wiese made his WWE debut during a live event in Frankfurt, Germany, on Saturday night as the special timekeeper for the tag team title match between the challenging Usos and the champion Dust Busters. Generally, the timekeeper would solely be present to ring the bell following the referee’s count, but this isn’t any time keeper.

Wiese minded goal for 14 years in Germany, including serving as a backup for the 2010 FIFA World Cup squad, but was the only member to not see play. Known for his impressive physique and good looks, Wiese retired from professional football just this past September shortly before announcing that he had been offered a WWE developmental contract to appear in NXT.

During the tag team championship bout, brothers Golddust and Stardust, a bizarre duo prone to double-team shenanigans, got under the hulking Wiese’s skin. Following the match, Wiese entered the ring and had a stare off with the champions before they decided it better to retreat. Wiese then celebrated in the ring with the charismatic Samoan twins dancing to their theme music and posing on the turnbuckles for the adoring hometown crowd.

Following his release from 1899 Hoffenheim, Wiese took up bodybuilding and reportedly caught the attention of WWE scouts. Wiese, dubbed by former WWE play-by-play caller and talent relations head Jim Ross as “charismatic” and a “hopeful,” told a German tabloid that with the popularity of professional wrestling in the United States and the opportunity to make a great deal of money, he would not rule out a career in the squared circle.

“I have an official enquiry from the WWE. It’s about working for them as a wrestler. I will listen. I don’t s**t my pants. Why should I immediately say no? Wrestling is very popular, especially in the United States. I will go through the enquiry with my agent.”

If it is true that WWE has tendered an offer to the 32-year-old Wiese, he has yet to fully act upon it. Wiese will surely have to move from his native Germany to Florida where WWE’s NXT operations, and shows are held at Full Sail University. Several German press outlets have speculated that Wiese may appear in similar roles throughout WWE’s tour of Germany. It is possible that Wiese could accompany the roster back to the United States following the conclusion of their European tour, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.