Russo Brothers to direct Avengers 3

‘Captain America 2’s Russo Brothers To Direct ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ After Whedon Departs?

Despite the long and successful run of flicks, Marvel has had its fair share of shake-ups and clashes with its directors in the past. Director Jon Favreau made it very clear in the past that Iron Man 2 was not the film he wanted to make (some even speculate his most recent film, Chef, was a thinly-veiled allegory for his experience with Marvel), and Thor 2 director Alan Taylor didn’t seem to have too much appreciation for Marvel’s “make it up as they go” process (via Screen Rant). But despite these difficulties, Marvel has managed to find directors they love working with, like James Gunn (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and of course, The Avengers’ Joss Whedon.

The Russo Brothers are on board for Captain America: Civil War, but according to Deadline, they may also be on board for something greater.

“The Russos are building up their Marvel cred with this all-star outing (‘Captain America: Civil War’), and I keep hearing they will step up to the ultimate Marvel all-star team and take the reins of ‘The Avengers’ franchise from Joss Whedon, possibly with that next film that will shoot back to back.”

Considering the amount of stress and work involved in shooting two blockbuster films, laying out a shared universe, and assisting with another couple of blockbusters, it is highly unlikely that Whedon would be on board for another round of punishment — especially since Avengers: Infinity War comprises of two films.

Avengers: Infinity War
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is split into two parts. Is it fitting that it be helmed by a duo?

This move would make sense. Passing the directing duties onto a duo would likely make the workload for such a big project manageable, and the Russo brothers have proven their talent in directing action with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that’s only going to get better with a film like Civil War on the horizon.

There is also Avengers: Age of Ultron to consider. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Kevin Feige, head honcho at Marvel Studios, confirmed that the Avengers roster would be altered by the film’s end. With that in mind, is it simply more artistically fitting to treat it as a passing of the torch of sorts? Fans love Whedon, but he can’t stay at Marvel forever, especially at the rate they make their films nowadays.

What are your thoughts on the Russo brothers taking the reins from Whedon? Is it a good choice, or would you prefer someone like James Gunn at the Helm of the next two Avengers flicks?