Justin Bieber Wanted In Argentina

Justin Bieber Wanted In Argentina: Did He Order Bodyguards To Assault Someone?

Justin Bieber may have landed in some serious trouble if the accusations coming out of Argentina are true.

According to TMZ, a judge in Argentina has ordered the pop star to return to the country in order to answer some tough questions.

The toughest question to be thrown at Bieber will no doubt whether or not the “As Long As You Love Me” singer ordered his bodyguards to physically assault a photographer.

The incident occurred on November 9, 2013 outside of a nightclub in Buenos Aires. Justin was in Argentina during a stretch of his South American tour.

Victim Diego Peso claimed that he was chased and beaten by bodyguards who worked for Justin Bieber. It’s heavily implied that these men attacked him after receiving orders from Bieber to do so.

Investigative Judge Facundo Cubas, who ordered Bieber to Argentina for questioning, spoke with the Associated Press about his decision. Cubas said that there was “evidence from witnesses, footage and photos” that suggested the 20-year-old was strongly opposed to having “pictures taken” of him while he was partying.

Justin Bieber’s bodyguards could have then resorted to violent methods in order to get rid of the paparazzo.

The judge feels there’s enough evidence for Justin to return to Argentina and answer questions about his possible role in the assault. The summons went out on Thursday, and the judge has requested that Interpol inform Justin Bieber that he has 60 days to make arrangements to appear in Argentinian court for questions.

If Bieber ignores the order, then an arrest warrant will be issued. Justin Bieber wouldn’t want to risk making things worse for himself as there is a serious charge attached to the accusation against him.

If there is a possibility that Bieber had his security guards beat up Diego Peso, then he too would be liable for criminal charges. If Justin Bieber is found guilty for his alleged role in the attack, the pop singer could find himself sitting in a jail in Argentina for nearly a year.

Diego Peso may have only suffered minor injuries during the alleged assault, but it is clearly a serious matter in the eyes of Argentinian officials. The question is now whether or not Justin Bieber will make his way to Argentina voluntarily to answer questions about last year’s incident or whether or not the singer will be forcibly apprehended.

Do you believe Justin Bieber will be sent to jail over this incident, or is it one big misunderstanding?

[Image Credit: Miki Paula]