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Christoph Waltz To Play James Bond’s Nemesis In ‘Bond 24’

The Daily Mail is reporting that Christoph Waltz will be playing a significant role in the next James Bond film, Bond 24. They won’t say exactly what kind of character he’ll be playing, they’ve revealed that he will be a “nemesis” of some sorts, and will be very “cunning.”

Christoph Waltz isn’t type-cast as a pure villain character, his role in Django Unchained showed more than enough of his heroic side. Still, the Austrian actor is great at evil. He won an academy award for his role as the “Jew hunter” Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, a role he seemed born to play.

Now he’s in the next Bond film, playing a “cunning nemesis” according the Daily Mail’s source, but that doesn’t necessary mean that Christoph will be a villain. As another insider reported, “not so fast… just because he has played bad guys in other movies doesn’t mean he’s going to be the baddie here.”

Another source with knowledge of the screenplay was equally ambiguous about Waltz’ position, saying, “it’s not immediately evident whether the part’s friend, or foe, or a bit of both.”

The columnist Bamigboye made some clarifications about Christoph Waltz’s newest role. According to the Guardian, he explained that Waltz will be the arch nemesis of James Bond, but will not be a pure villain.

It appears like Christoph Waltz’ character will be too complex to put a label like “villain” or “hero” on. All the better for many moviegoers, who may be getting tired of the old good guy, bad guy formula.

According to the Business Recorder, another surprise casting pick will be tennis pro and Bollywood actress Sania Mirza, playing another unnamed, but significant, role.

As for the rest of the Bond cast, most things will be staying the same. According to Time, Daniel Craig will be James Bond. “M” will continue to be played by Ralph Fiennes, along with Ben Whishaw again as “Q.” And the role of Eve MontyPenny will once again be played by Naomie Harris.

Bamigboye also said that shooting would begin next month, and like any good Bond movie, they would travel the world. Shots will be held in Mexico, Morocco, Austria, Italy, and London.

But before the expedition begins, Christoph Waltz and the rest of the cast will be doing a read through about three weeks from now. Director Sam Mendes will be back still riding high on the $1 billion dollar success of Skyfall.

If Christoph Waltz’ last performances are any indication, he’ll be interesting to watch in the upcoming 24th Bond movie.

[Image Credit: Michael Connors/Wikimedia Commons]