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Timothy Englehardt: Meteorologist Death Called ‘Suspicious,’ May Not Have Been Suicide

Meteorologist Timothy Englehardt’s death is being met with serious skepticism this week. According to ABC News, the 22-year-old died in September after being shot in the head. Police originally said that the wound was self-inflicted, and that Englehardt committed suicide. However, details about the meteorologist’s death don’t seem to add up, and police are looking into it further.

“The incident took place in the front porch area of the home. They located the gun inside the house. It had been moved into the house, and that’s where the officers located the gun once they arrived on scene,” said Holly Hill Police Chief Steven Aldrich. In addition to the strange placement of the alleged murder weapon, there are also questions surrounding the 911 call made by a female friend of the victim.

The death of meteorologist Timothy Englehardt could have been a homicide, and from what his parents say, it sounds that way. You see, the female friend reportedly called 911 to report the death but what happened on the recorded line is strange, to say the least. Police refuse to comment on the call itself but are looking into it according to the report.

“My friend shot himself,” the female caller said. And then there was something else… someone can be heard saying “I did it” in the background. The female caller didn’t lose her cool and continued talking to the 911 operator. She responded to whomever it was that made the statement.

“No, you didn’t. Relax. You didn’t kill him,” she can be heard saying.

According to the National Ledger, Englehardt was in college at Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the time of his death. His parents say that he had “no reason” to kill himself. Apparently a very happy kid and Englehardt had a lot going for him. His parents were extremely proud of him as he was very close to landing his dream job as a TV weatherman.

The death of meteorologist Timothy Englehardt is being investigated once again. Although still ruled a suicide, there is a chance that police could be investigating a homicide. However, no suspects have been named at this time.

While it is unclear if that particular shooting was a suicide, there is a suicide being investigated by authorities this week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it is believed that murder suspect Sean Petrozzino killed himself during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee. Police believe that Petrozzino killed both of his parents in their Orange County, Florida, home before fleeing the state.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News video screen capture]