These ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestants Are So Dumb, Pat Sajak Can’t Deal With It

On Monday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak got so fed up with the dumb contestants that he walked off the stage in exasperation.

In Hawaii for “Best Friends Week,” Sajak introduced the puzzle in the category “What Are You Doing?” A six-letter word, a one-letter word, and two five-letter words appear in the puzzle. The first pair of contestants — Mitch and Lee, a couple of middle-aged guys — guesses “N.”


Good answer — but wrong, although let’s give credit where credit is due: the guy came up with an answer that perfectly fits the puzzle’s pattern and theme, and he did it in about three seconds. Even Pat Sajak was taken aback.

“That’s amazing, and it’s wrong!”

It’s easy to make fun of Wheel of Fortune contestants for giving dumb answers — and indeed, the internet is full of clips of dumb answers on Wheel of Fortune — but when the pressure is on and you have to make split-second decisions, sometimes you’re likely to come up with something dumb.

But enough about that. The next pair of contestants — Audrey and Jeanette, a pair of women — guess “G,” confirming that the first word ends in “-NG.” Apparently figuring that if the “horse” concept was good enough for the dudes, it’s good enough for them. They took a shot.


At that point, the normally unflappable Pat Sajak gives up, walks off the stage, gets into his car, and drives home. Just kidding. He mockingly walks off the stage, but then comes back to give the contestants some gentle ribbing.

“Who said anything about a horse!”

The correct answer, by the way, was “Seeing A Buddy Movie,” according to Gawker.

Have you ever seen Pat Sajak lose his cool over an embarrassingly dumb answer on Wheel of Fortune?

[Image courtesy of The Lib]