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Anna Kendrick Has Classy Response To People Hating On Her Looks

Anna Kendrick is aware some people make comments about her plain jane looks. Whenever a casting notice comes with Kendrick’s name attached, it seems like almost immediately there’s at least a few comments targeting Kendrick’s looks. That said, the Pitch Perfect actress is used to this vain discussion, because she had to deal with it back in high school.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Kendrick opened up while promoting Into the Woods about the typical comments about her appearance. In the December issue, she said that the “most common thing I get is, ‘Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Anna Kendrick is pretty?'”

“And you’re like, ‘No, you’re not the only one,'” the actress quips, “‘Arguably, all the boys in my high school agree with you.”

Although you can argue that the comments haven’t changed since high school, a lot has happened to Kendrick since then. Kendrick has merged her love of theater and the big screen for her music based films Pitch Perfect, and her new musical adaptation Into the Woods. She’s also had a Billboard hit with “Cups,” and she’s also Oscar nominated for her break out role in Up in The Air. Not too shabby!

This isn’t the first time Anna Kendrick has commented on her looks. Back in January, she made a humorous ad for Newcastle Brown Ale. In the anti-Super Bowl ad, she said she doesn’t think she’s “beer-commercial babe hot.”

“I mean, I’m hot. Like approachable hot, like the-hottest-girl-in-your-improv class hot. Like hot to the kind of guys who, like, feel bad calling a girl hot. But like beer-commercial hot? Am I beer-commercial hot? No, but I love a challenge.”

So with all the talk about how “unattractive” Anna Kendrick is compared to some Hollywood starlets, we had to find out what the actress looks like on Marie Claire’s new cover. If this is “unattractive” or “not pretty,” then it’s confirmed even more so that there’s definitely something wrong with Hollywood’s perception of beauty. What do you think about Anna Kendrick and the bullying comments about her looks?

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