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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Vs. Bill Maher Round Two [Video]

elisabeth hasselbeck

Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hasselbeck just can’t get enough of each other. After Maher slung an insult in Hasselbeck’s direction last February, the feud has been on between the two talk show hosts. Maher and Hasselbeck got into it again today on “The View.”

Nine months ago, Bill Maher said:

“New rule: now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” reports that when the clip aired on “The View,” Hasselbeck said:

“I try to only debate real men over the airways but will depart to address Billy Maher.”

But it didn’t end there. When Maher appeared on “The View” today, nearly nine months after the exchange, Hasselbeck immediately brought up the Lara Logan comment.

Hasselbeck said:

“I just wanted to go back to a time that bothered me, not for my personal reasons but for women… In February of last year, Lara Logan was in Egypt and she was brutally attacked there… You can’t sit here right now and tell me I’m wrong for saying, ‘That wasn’t that funny.'”

Maher tried to explain that he was a comedian and that he meant nothing personal. Maher said:

“We do a comedy show for an audience that’s perhaps different than your audience. You’re a public figure. My comment was not aimed at you personally. But when you are a public figure, you are out there and your fodder for comedians to make comments on.”

The other girls on “The View” seemed to side with Maher. Joy Behar said that people have to understand that comedians will occasionally offend some people, and Barbara Walters kept trying to get Hasselbeck to drop the issue.

Here’s the clip of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill Maher sparring on “The View.”

Do you think Elisabeth Hasselbeck is right to be offended by Bill Maher’s comments? Or is Hasselbeck just holding a childish grudge?

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213 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Vs. Bill Maher Round Two [Video]”

  1. Amy Keehn

    She was acting like a spoiled brat and obviously can't take a joke. Walter's should have put a muzzle on her. Better yet, if she's going to ruin the interviews, she needs to be fired.

  2. Louis Rychtarik

    Elizabeth obviously kicked his ass good. There is no other idiot out there like Maher.

  3. Steph Kennedy

    Childish grudge… he makes a good point about public figures and it not being personal. Also, I feel like anytime anyone says anything to annoy Ms. Hasselbeck, she acts like a self-entitled ass about it.

  4. Eleanor Manzione Franklin

    damn right she should be offended- I am offended by absoute;y everything that comes out of his mouth- he is a jerk to anyone who does not agree with him- and if you thing it was a joke you are just as stupid as he is.

  5. Carol Burley Kirk

    I can't tolerate Joy Behar or Barbara Walters either one. I wish the show would go off the air. Heard of some many people that no longer watch the View.

  6. Elaine Macshane

    the woman is an airhead..she's not speaking for women she's speaking for herself so she has something to talk about on.
    Fox. that whole show has gone to pot. somebody told sherry she has a brain but it's not connected to her mouth. joy just sit there and collects tidbits for her show. whoopie doesn't even seem to care. it all sucks.

  7. Leo Steckbauer

    She was so out of line sitting there like a spoiled little mean girl waiting to make her next obnoxious lunchroom snipe. It was like 30 years ago when I was in High School.

  8. Ed Swierbinski

    Hang in there Elizabeth, Maher is a jerkoff with no respect for anyone but himself, and a PUSSY when you confront him face to face! ( I think he likes little boys!)

  9. Lori Yee Perkins

    I can't stand him. I'd rather listen to a Christian (Hasselbeck) than an atheist (Maher). He has the "Little Man" syndrome. So you go Elizabeth. And thank you for standing up to him!

  10. Cal Alison

    She has always been an annoying, self-righteous spoiled brat who speaks a mile a minute in order to get her point across yet makes no sense 99/100 times. It's a pity they need to keep her on the show.

  11. M.j. Boesch

    Bullying the guests on your show is poor form Elizabeth. Grow up. Barbara, time to send the child to her room for a little "time out".

  12. Travis C

    That woman's a certifiable bimbo and women should flee from her. She's nothing more than a beauty queen/cheerleader who has nothing substantial to say. She wouldn't last five minutes in a serious debate against Bill Maher.

  13. Melodie Pue

    She makes my skin crawl and, from day one, has been the reason I avoid that show. On behalf of women, my foot. Self-important twat..

  14. Diane Baum

    Too much time spend on this joke today, and back when he made the joke. Barbara needs to get a hold of the conversation.

  15. Vanessa Penedo Seay

    FIRE ELISABETH! I CAN NOT stand her! I don't even watch The View as much because of her.

  16. Jim Glover

    While I think Bill Maher is a jerk, Elizabeth H. is a complete spoiled brat with a superiority complex bigger than Bill's. She lied about taking it personal, and also, what makes her think she's " All That "?

  17. Elaine McKnight

    are you guys kidding me. your telling her to get over herself….youre saying its perfectly ok for him to make a comment about sending a woman into a group of men to be brutally attacked and beaten. what is wrong with you. regardless of what you think of her, its NOT ok for anyone to to make such sickening comments. I guarantee if he had made those comments about anyone else on that couch, it wouldve been a different exchange.

  18. Marvis Stewart

    She wants to be the center of attention with that permanent stick up her…

  19. Anne Thompson Stjern

    Holier than thou comes to mind whenever she is in the spotlight. Not a fan of hers.

  20. Jim Whitson

    good thing they panned off Whoppi Elizabeth never stopped moving ner crossed leg. She was pissed about nothing.
    she has no candate to rally behind she is a fish out of water.

  21. Lorie Axtell

    He came for an interview he should have gotten one. She could have confronted him off camera if his comments were still an issue for her. I didn't care to hear it on air.

  22. Maggie Robinson

    "Hi…my name is Elizabeth Hasselback and I am 13 years old!" I BEG you ABC's The View, get rid of this immature brat! She is YOUR version of Kim Kardashian…no real talent, just got lucky and now she NEVER shuts up, THINKING her opinions matter to someone besides herself and her husband…DUMP HER!

  23. John Pitzer

    Should she you so you know what freedoms you have in this country ,If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, she should be home with her kids

  24. Keith Keeler

    Is there anyway on God's green earth that we can shut Elizabeth up. It was nine month ago, it was a joke, move on with your life. She says she knows what is funny, but from this clip, she has no idea of what is funny.

  25. Grace Renna Wimbish

    It was a joke, not a personal attack. He is too smart for her…Now my comment could be considered an attack…See the difference? One is supposed to be funny (and is) and the other is simply the truth.

  26. Sue Babbitt

    If you watch "The View" you already know that Hasselbeck is all about herself. She is the dullest tool in that shed. BW should at least of told her to let someone else speak. Maher was there to promote his book, but it was hardly mentioned. This is not the first nor will it be the last time Hasselbeck acts like she's a spoiled 12 yr old.

  27. Valette Hamilton

    I side with Liz on this mainly because people like Maher and Behar hide behind being a comedian (I disagree on both their accounts that this is the case, as neither of them is funny and both have integrated pundit into their careers) while they think they have license to insult others. Hogwash is what that excuse is. They should be held to the same standards as everyone else. Period.

  28. Christina Raft McCauley

    Everyone defending Elizabeth is sooo uptight. It was joke. He is a comedian. Relax.

  29. Brandi Elliott

    Lol. I love Bill Maher. I cannot stand her though. I thought that was pretty funny and what she was doing was completely unnecessary and had nothing to do with Bill loving or hating women. Sigh.

  30. Alice Rose


  31. Shirley Neumann-Bullas

    Feel Elizabeth H. was out of hand to not show any respect for their guest, Bill Maher, just because she has a hate-on for him. She has a right to her opinion and feelings on this but it should not have been handled on todays show as she monopolized the conversation and his interview….should have talked to him off camera. Also, it was 9 months ago….. how long is she going to carry a grudge….a little immature. Seems as if she has to get the last word and always be the winner.

  32. Hannaj Getitnow

    Dennis and Mike you both are smoking crack. She is the biggest IDIOT on TV besides Bill O'Reilly. Both of you go blow yourselves or go blow each other. Stop jerking off to her picture and jump off a bridge. You two are stupid!

  33. Deborah Crane

    Hasselhead chewed on this for days so she could spew nonsense at Bill Maher. Calls him Billy! Eat it Betsy! I really can't stand her.

  34. Lauren Annette Bullock

    Elizabeth is an annoying spoiled ass, winey brat and I wish she would disappear. I refuse to watch the show because of her. I loved when Rosie was on the show because she would put her in her place.

  35. Colleen Donovan

    Whattt??? It was Maher who was offensive to Elizabeth, not the other way around! Some people who call themselves comedians, Maher and Beyhar iincluded, mistakenly think any slam is funny. Elizabeth was right in sticking up for Lara Logan because Maher's comment implied that women are pieces of meat. Mean does not equate with funny.

  36. Diana Johnson

    Dennis Keller She is an idiot and by the looks of the comments, needs to go away. I might watch the view again if her big fat mouth was gone. It is pretty sad when Barbara Walters has to tell her to shut up! I feel sorry for her husband. Who hasnt she fought with on that show. Maher is a comedian. I would trade her and not be joking!!!

  37. Quentin Bellard

    She truly needs to be off that show! Her opinions are completely air headed and make no sense at all!

  38. Diana Johnson

    I do. She is the idiot and the View has went down hill since she came on. Barbara had to tell her to be quiet.

  39. John Thompson

    let's send NO JOY behar to a foreign country, let her get attacked for days, and then tell her to get over it. Let's all make fun of no joy behar on a national tv show and see how long it is until she gets mad.

  40. Diana Johnson

    Janee Rickards Ryan Maher is a C O M E D I A N, it was a J O K E!!!!! Understand know???

  41. John Thompson

    Amy you area &^%$$# do you like people saying names at you? Can you take a joke? Your husband certainly can take a joke he took you.

  42. Mayra S. Lacén

    She's just stupid. ignorant and has not an iota of relevance whatsoever. She's nothing. Just nothing…

  43. Sandee Dennis

    She thought she was being cute, Bill Maher could have chewed her up and spit her out if he wanted to. You are out of your league Lizzy.

  44. Lauren Annette Bullock

    He is a comedian. People we need to get over it. Ms. Hasselbeck is annoying as hell. Her little girll feelings were hurt but she tried to appear as if she was speaking out for women…NOT!!! She needs to put on her big girl pantys and grow the hell up. People will make jokes about you. Can we please send her ass back to where she came!!!

  45. Spartacus Rex

    In this order here are people in the public eye that need to be re-programmed. Barak Hussein Obama, Jimmy Carter, Nacny Pelosi, Bill Maher, Rosie Odonnell, Jeneanne Garafolo Sean Penn, Alan Comes and Alec Baldwin….. If any of these creatures packed their bags and left America for good we would be a much better nation.

  46. Diana Johnson

    Colleen Donovan so it was ok for her to attack him on national tv for her own personal issues?? Really?? Who doesnt she fight with. I bet alot of people thought it was funny!! She is a joke and brings the jokes on herself by reacting like she does. Wonder how many late night comedians will make fun of her now?? And Behar and become rude too. She has a snyde remark about everything.

  47. Janee Rickards Ryan

    I seem to remember the classy duo of Joy and Whoopie marching off stage wihen they disagreed with Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter was sniped all over..the whole cast but Bill Gretty and the blond are the most raging liberal s I have ever met…no longer can bear to watch Barbara deteiorate as an impartial newperson…phooey!

  48. Damon Dohar

    She is overrated in every way. You can't make the money that that staff makes and not have a little thickness to your skin. She was exceptionally childish and disappointing.

  49. Donna Jordan

    I think what he said was sick! To EVEN JOKE about such a wicked thing is deplorable! What a shame! Good for Elizabeth to confront this and not act like it never happened. I can't stand a hypocrite!

  50. Colleen Donovan

    I repeat, mean does not equate with funny, and his comment was mean regarding Lara Logan and Elizabeth. Funny … it's obvious in these posts who are politically true believer democrats. If Elizabeth were to be raped or murdered, that would be fine because she isn't a liberal. Right? Right.

  51. Marilyn Filipek Miller

    How can you joke about a woman being brutally attached and raped!!!!!!!

  52. Amy Keehn

    Don't quit your day job, Thompson. It obviously doesn't involve spelling.

  53. Liz Garcia

    She's always got to complain about something. She is a self ritious republican, what do you expect. She needs to get canned, then I will enjoy watching the view again!

  54. Janee Rickards Ryan

    Diana Johnson whats your problem..the whole damn cast is so liberal they smell bad….thank God she has the guts to speak her opinion now..she is way to classy to follow that liar Nobama….Bush is looking better every day!

  55. Krista Dietz

    Elisabetty H. is a Narcissist right up there with Casey Anthony. She needs a wedgie. Maybe her lipgloss is carcenogenic…..

  56. London Ayeurbe

    liz hasselbeck is a tool… in the words of the immortal red foreman, "dumbass!"

  57. Leigh Cross

    Clearly the posters here are overwhelmingly dems! Going off about Elizabeth but never mentioning or considering some of the outrageous faux pas of Whoopi or Joy. I do believe that is why the show is called The View.

  58. Abigail Smith

    He's just a wannabe man! Maybe he should try using his nose vs his penis. His nose is definitely bigger!

  59. Shannon Kelleher

    She's famous for looking hot in a bathing suit on survivor not her mind. That's why she doesn't get it was a joke.If she gained 50 lbs they would fire her in a second.

  60. Gail Hotohkee

    I gringe every time she opens her mouth. She is the reason I don't watch the View. Tony is right, she should be on Fox News with all the other Looney Tunes!

  61. Paul G. DeCroix

    My ONLY question is why does ABC or Barbra Walters & company continue to employ Liz Hassleback? The same can be said about Sherri Sheppard. The show was way better when Rosie was at the table. It was much watch morning TV. Unpredictable Rosie kept me tuned in. It's just stupid women Like Hassleback & Sherri chatting about news now. Who cares what those two think anyway?

  62. John Pagano

    she has more class in her little finger than he will ever have. he is just a typical low life tv personality with no idea of what is going on in the real world.

  63. Kathy S. Brown

    He's a crude jackass and you all know it. That is why you all like him…I cringed when I saw that he was on today and decided not to watch.

  64. Colleen Donovan

    What is wrong with people these days? Mean humor is not funny. People think it's okay if people are dismembered if they're from an opposing political discipline! A girl just doing her job was raped and Bill Maher made a crack about her being a fox as if she were a piece of meat! Is that funny? And he continued by making a crack about Elizabeth, degrading her because she has differing political views! And if Elizabeth balks at that, she's wrong because her opinions differ? And a friend of mine got a call from the police because someone complained to them because she posted a differing view on Facebook! And people are defecating on sidewalks in Seattle because there are rich people out there and they are not! And people think it's okay to be horrible to each other if we don't think precisely alike! We are scum and really need to think about whether we care that it's obvious to all who observe these behaviors just how low a life form we are. I'm like Robert DeNiro in Meet the Family, pointing my fingers at my eyes and yours, and I'm like the girl in Avatar. I see you.

  65. Pat Conroy

    It is a proven fact most college grads are democrats….republicans are sneaky, nasty, stingy and manipulative..out to profit themselves ONLY….preying on the minds of the uneducated all the while wrapping themselves up in the american flag and touting all about god…mom and apple pie…thier aim is to keep the moral ticket in the forefront and confuse or muddy the true issues…Hassellback herself brags at being a republican…she's an idiot.

  66. Veralyn Bobbi Schmidt Brobston


  67. David Krause

    Bill is a comedian, but he has a select group he does pick on more than others, as does Ann Coulter. Unfortunately, I think the only thing Elizabeth was commenting on was the " joke " of substituting one woman being abused with another one. I also think that if a tea party individual would have made the comment it would have been blasted all over national tv.

  68. Audrey Yatras

    Elisabeth needs to get a life. She is bringing up something said 9 months ago! His show is very funny and he makes fun of lots of people. Her republican point of view is another thing that people cannot differ from her views. She just speaks over them and keeps talking without listening to any opposing views. She needs to be on Fox network!

  69. Lonnie Parmenter

    Hey everyone lighten up! Don't you know by now that 99% of what you see on these talk shows is scripted and contriversal–just to increase viewers for the show. The more viewers they have, the more they can charge for advertising. If you don't like it, don't watch, they will soon go away!

  70. Otis Howze

    I am just glad she has stopped acting like she cared about the unemployment in the black community, it's was a seen for what it was , a foolish attempt to drive a wedge, on a subject she knows nothing about, but doesn't, she so sound like a GOP stooge.

  71. Linda Morton

    look at "The View"'s Facebook page and the comments on this ludicrous attack by Elisabeth are visceral.

  72. Brian M Mac Kenzie

    She's a liar. She was personally offended. You can tell she had a personal agenda. She's painful to listen to.

  73. Michelle Manriquez Griffith

    Elisabeth should build a bridge and get over it! She is annoying. She is why I choose to not watch the View.

  74. Terri Lynn Moore

    I like The View and Elizabeth but this morning she took it to far. I hate Bill Maher's but he came on the show to talk about a book. Elizabeth should have made her point and then went on with the interview but she didn't. She was making it way to personal. I DO understand that he made it personal when he talked about her the way he did but why act like him? If I was Barbara I would have let her have it after that show. She is NOT at home…. She is at work and should have acted like it. Also they should not invite people to the show and then attack them that way. Yes I know he is a A$$ but I want them to act like ladies and NOT like him…..

  75. Aura Diamond

    Can you imagine what it must be like to be the child of this woman? No one could ever be good enough for her. I'm no fan of Bill's but I like to observe him because so many of my friends like him. The only show of his I've ever seen he made the comment about Elizabeth and I laughed my head off. Anyone who has ever watched her on the VIEW probably feels the same way…anything to get her off the air. Why Barbara or any of the producers think she's an asset is unclear. It's all about her and her opinions. I cringe when she goes on one of her hater diatribes. She is an embarassment. I have never, never met anyone who respects her. Maher looked polite and reserved compared to her silly tit for tat nonsense. He couldn't have handled it any better. Do us a favor VIEW, don't have him as a guest again unless she's on vacation or preferably gone. Make her go away. My head is hurting just thinking about her.

  76. Mike Craig

    get over yourself elisabeth—-u cant take a joke——-it was a joke—-what u wanted to accomplish today did not work-u looked like an idiot.

  77. Mary Clark

    Elizabeth was very unprofessional and was speaking from her own hurt feelings and did not allow anyone else to speak. This not good TV.

  78. Tom Billings

    Bill Mahr is a dick. He is not funny and I guarantee if that was his daughter that got raped in Egypt he would want nothing but sympathy from the public. He needs to keep his blow hard mouth shut before someone shuts it for him!

  79. Laura Houston-Mancuso

    How about when Elisabeth hinted Erin Andrews (ESPN) deserved to be spied on because she was wearing revealing outfits on "Dancing with the Stars." Isn't that talking about someone behind their back and not to their face as she said she is brave enough to do and Bill is not? Then she came on the air (rumored to have been MADE to apologize) and pretended to cry and say she was sorry. Hmmp! Well for the last 2 weeks she has been saying that when you wad up a ball of paper it still has obvious marks after pulling it back apart. Sorry just isn't good enough, she often says! She is such a hypocrite! She hasn't done her time like ALL the people on that panel! She is a nobody! In 20 years if Bill dies it will be reported. Can't say that Elisabeth has made a name for herself yet. She needs to know her place. She is too full of herself to see it though!

  80. James Beam

    I'm so sick of these people thinking just because they are comedians they can say anything. Mahr and that loud mouth bahar are 2 of the worst. I don't give a sh^t if they think they are funny, it doesn't give them the right to say whatever they want about people. I don't know why it is but the but the ones that talk the loudest, least tactful, most ignorant and least funny are the lib. comedians. They think they have the green light for anyone. I'm definitely not a hasselbeck fan but she is the only one on that show with even an iota of class and morals. Mahr thinks he's intelligent but he's just sad and not at all funny, he's lowbrow.

  81. Kathy Dame-Fierro

    Good for Elizabeth. Finally someone put him in his place. She wasn't annoyed that he said something about her. She was annoyed that the newscaster was sexually assulted in February and he had to make a joke about it. She did not take it personally. If you watched The View you would understand that. Usually she doesn't get a word in edgewise between Joy constantly interrupting her or Sherri saying something stupid.

  82. Michael Goben

    I bet it wouldn't been so funny if you were the one being raped. But then again librals love law breakers. No my spellin not great but I don't find RAPE funny eather.

  83. Misty Cagey

    I NOW KNOW she is bloody mad also a stepfered thing. he is a comic he coud have chosen Ms Walters or anyono else. U belive in the right to carry guns I do to my primary reson is so that no one can take the right from me the one I am refering to the FIRST Ammendenentit prottects eveyon like you & Donaled Trump..

  84. Yvonne Porten

    He's making fun of a female who was attacked, that is not funny, I don't care if he is a comedian. Is he insuating EH should be sent over there for the same thing to happen to her? I have a sense of humor but this is over my head.

  85. Matt Colbert

    gotta go with both on this one. Yes she is a brat. But Bill doesn't play nice for shit. If you follow him then you know this quite well. It just does not matter what show he is on at the time because he doesn't have to answer for shit. But people……he found himself on a couch that he couldn't control. He makes that comment about your wife…daughter…other family member tell me your not pulling him outside and not beating the shit out of him. Then we can swap his sorry ass for another. comparing dogs to retarded children? How many kids does he have? None. Have some kids then you can go after them. play on equal ground is all I ask…..But I am still beating the shit out of you.

  86. Tanya Russell

    If Bill Maher made a comment over 9 months ago. She addressed it and still wants to bring it up now. Then it says she really has some deep feelings for him. He is not her husband. Also, her behavior with her talking points makes her a target for a political comedian. The fact that she was even mentioned by a comedian says she is a popular figure. I noticed she ignored Bill's comment when he mentioned something about disaster when men are by themselves without the presence of women. Elizabeth should know comedians say things to get society to think. Back in the says, there were authors and satirist, play writes, etc. Now, Bill talks on HBO. She is an idiot who is controlled. She says whatever talking point is e-mailed to her without thought if she belives it or not. Now, she wants to control thinking poeple. It is not going to work. Bill was a guest and she should not have behaved in that fashion. She is a complete idiot.

  87. Bruce Glyde

    if it was not personal and just a defense of women, why did she use just the comment about herself, and not any other comment Bill's made that could be construed as offensive towards women? I know he has made some. I don't think that anyone is honestly offended by Bill's comments, and they don't cause harm to anyone. And I for one think his show is provocative and hillarious.

  88. Couts Moseley

    She can't take a joke? The comment implied that a conservative woman can be raped and beaten with impunity; the other women in the show sided with "the comedian." Can anybody honestly say that a conservative would be let off that easy after implying the same about a feminist or liberal woman?

  89. Janel Ayers

    Can anyone tell me why Elizabeth is even speaking in a forum, as if she really has a VIEW that ever makes any sense? What in the world was Barbara thinking when she added her to the mix? What an utter embarrassment for the real women on the VIEW. Get rid of her!

  90. Joe Fiore

    As always, Hasselbeck is the only one on the view with a brain in her head. Barbara Walters should be ashamed of herself for not siding with Hasselbeck. Maher is a disgrace, and the other women on the View aren't all that much better.

  91. Ralph Miller

    Bill Maher is loud mouth jerk, who should not have a TV show, nor a radio show, including computer web site and news paper, However, even jerks like him has the right to speak by the Constitution. whether he meant it, or not, he not only was making light of a brutal attack on a woman by cowardly criminal worthless scum who should be put to death, not honored by jerks like Maher at the same time honoring and cheering the brutal attack, but also showing an underlining desire by him of wanting to see other women attacked brutally, including primarily Hasselbeck. This man by these words has shown severe problems and hatred he has with women. For those who do not remember, a couple of years ago he had commented that Jesus Christ was most likely a homosexual. This coward would state this thing in this country where it is safe, but let him go stand in the middle of Iran on Iranian national TV state that Allah is a homosexual, or Muḥammad. I dare him. From the reading of the comments, the vast majority is in agreement with Maher that women should be brutalized then joked about it , and made the butt of by some callous man who wants to further his career on the pain, brutality, and tragedy of others, and fulfill his own sick desires, just as they would. It makes me wonder about the shape of our world and the people in it. Like the group of girls who lured another girl over one of the girl's house to brutally beat her to gain fame and attention. They had no remorse, as well as the attacking girls parents showed little remorse, nor disgust at what their children did. Instead they almost put the entire blame for the incident on the victim, just as the majority of these commentators, and Maher would, and would even make fun of the incident, and the harm that befell the girl., in my opinion. By their comments they have shown where they stand and for what they stand, which shows the sick state of our world and society. They root for the criminal, and put down the victim. In my opinion, they, including Maher, would hold down a victim of a brutal crime to aid the criminal, and after it is over pat the criminal on the back and cheer them on, at the same time spit on the victim, and make a joke laughing at them. They would show no compassion for the victim, only ridicule and admonition. They need a serious adjustment.

  92. Carol Zuback Alexander

    Bill Maher is without a doubt the biggest A__HOLE THAT LIVES… I love the way "comedians" hide behind that so called title,,, to give themselves permission to say outlandish and disgusting things that THEY think is supposed to be funny.
    I wish Elizabeth would have torn him apart.

  93. Penny Wallingford

    She came off looking like an idiot. She obviously laid in wait, like a big fat spider, waiting to get even with him for something he said months ago. You'd think the little fool would have learned from when she tried to take on Kathy Griffith…you don't go toe to toe with a comedian…you just provide them endless fodder for ridiculing you. And The View really needs to tell her to control herself. The quality of guests they have gotten in the last few years has dramatically declined, and she could possibly be a big reason why.

  94. Patricia Comstock

    A childish brat. Barbara Walters said it best…. She dealt with the baa baa waa waa days and didn't cry on air about it…She needs to stop crying and move on….My mom can't stand the sound of her voice… a young" know it all" she says…

  95. Lisa Saffell

    I felt bad for Maher and everyone else on the panel. Hasselbeck attacked him out of the starting gate and it was totally inappropriate. Talk show hosts should have some sense of decorum instead of using the time for personal vendettas. He's a comedian for Pete's sake — get a sense of humor Hasselbeck!

  96. Artie Demaso

    Its so funny how it is humor when directed at her but Joy and the Whoopi can get defensive when things do not go theri way. Bill Mahar is a jak and we all know it, is he funny? Sometimes and that disorts him from being crediable when speaking of events. Its also unbeilable that it is 4 against 1 on that panel so Elizabeth is never going to win.

  97. Mike Batchman

    They need to keep her for balance. Most of the women and Bahar for sure are real libral. It seams if a libral says nasty things about a conservitive its ok. if we ever said we should trade Pelosi for her they would want to take the show off the air. I lean Libral but some have gotten way out of hand.

  98. Bob Rosplock

    The fact that someone is a comedian does not make them funny. Maher, in general, is the king of the personal attack. He is not worth 10 seconds of my time Having said that, Elizabeth clearly overreacted. How anyone has time to watch this garbage to know about this "spat" at all is beyond me.

  99. Jim Stuart

    Yes, Amy, couldn't agree more, "She was acting like a spoiled brat." But then again, she always acts like a spoiled brat.
    It's always 100% her way, her thoughts or you're wrong. This is just another example of her immaturity.

  100. Marsha Florence

    I only would watch the view these days if someone I love like Bill Maher comes on, she has spoiled the whole show for me, and I do not even watch it…..when she is gone let me know.

  101. Adele Carpenter

    I don't watch the veiw because her spoiled azz is on it, and I agree with bill send her away.

  102. Johan Uggla

    In America, we can't offend anyone, anytime, for any reason. Except…conservatives, the faithful, and Tea Partiers. Bill Maher's comments were obviously in very poor taste. 'Nuff said.

  103. Jeri Anderson Cross

    When did an assult on a woman become a "joke". That Reporter would have lost her life if others had not stepped in to save her! Exchanging her being abused to Hasselbeck being Abused, is disgusting. Women…where are your Balls? Jokes about Abusing, Raping or physically Assulting Women, ARE NOT JOKES! Billy Boy….is not a comedian, he is an Uneducated, Sad, Sorry Sack of his own Dung! I am so happy Elisabeth took him to Task! Any woman that would let him get away with that disgusting statement, really thinks low of herself. Any man…if he is a Real man, would do a Horse head in Mahrs bed. Opps, we really don't know if the "stud" deserves to be punished like that. Save a Horse….substitute him with Mahr!

  104. Jon Williamson

    If had been Baba or Joy or Whoopi, it vwould not have been funny either. Infact it would have been all out war and those women would have stirred the pot until jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the entire NAACP got involved and demanded a public apology. That's all Elizabeth wanted was an apology for a very insensative comment that was directed at her regardless of Bill Maher explanation. With all that said, Eliabeth is the hottie on that show and is a republican to boot, I like her because she is out numbered but still speaks her mind and stands her ground.

  105. Alison Vennie

    I am not a fan of Bill Maher and cannot stand Elisabeth. I often yell at the tv for her to just shut up. She is a spoiled brat and very rude. She interrupts everyone and gets upset if anyone tries to interrupt her. If anyone disagrees with her she gets nasty and mean to them. Obviously she didn't like Rosie and made sure she was gone. Bill and Elisabeth? Something there? Now if the would get rid of her and Barbara Walters. Barbara acts like an idiot most of the time. Her voice grates on me.

  106. Tom Hypes

    I think she missed the point… It's not acceptable to boil down the tragic happenings towards the woman who was physically and sexually abused to her "hotness"… I think Marr should apologize for that. As far as joking about Elizabeth. he's right……. don't take things so personal.

  107. Michelle Patrick

    I was appalled at her bratty behavior…she should be held accountable some how..also, if I was a republican…I certainly wouldn't want her to be my spokesperson…her rudeness and the way she talks over everyone else, along with all the candidates I've seen so far and their blunders…only makes Obama a shoe in..he doesn't even have to campaign as long as idiots like them keep talking! Also, I love Politically Incorrect..its my go to for politics…

  108. Grant Ayjian

    Boy wouldn't it have been really funny if this so called camedian had said right after the news girl had been physically raped that we should send of oboma's wife and daughters. Boy wouldn't that just be funny as hell.
    Elizabeth should be made, because if that big nosed idiot had said that about my wife, I would have been looking for him in a dark alley, where he lives.
    He is not funny, he is a vile fool.

  109. Kathleen Pack

    I have never been able to stand Hasselbeck, and she's the reason I can't bear to watch the show. I love the rest of them, but she's an absolute twit.

  110. Dean Francis Halonen

    Liz shouldn't be offended by that little wom maher. He's a puke. He spent his formative years eating boot. Liz should continue to berate and cut him every chance she gets. He's public fodder, too!

  111. Andre Ware

    I thought Hasselbeck can take a joke considering since she's a Republican I mean their whole party's a JOKE! F#$%*^! Obstructionist!

  112. Mira Jacobson Wiener

    So she got it off her chest obviously festering for a long time but then she can't let it go. She continued to hammer and insult in a bullying manner. If she can't stand the heat she should get out of the kitchen.

  113. Brian P. Kelley

    So she has no problem using her "hotness" in In Shape magazine, Cosmopolitan, and People Magazine, as well as a myriad of advertising campaigns she is involved in, as a vehicle to reap her own financial windfall, but no one may even refer to it in a joke? Interesting… and typical.

  114. Patricia Buckner

    Elizabeth Hasselback is a spoiled brat. She acted like a total ass. Who goes up against Bill Maher? Next time Elizabeth, keep your mouth shut. You looked ridiculous.

  115. AdriAnne Smith Bridges

    Is there anyone this little spoiled girl has not found a problem with including her own crew. She will never have as much life experience, entertainment experience or just knowledge of those like Barbara, Whoopi and Joy! Maybe if she shut up more and listen she could learn alot about life from these women.

  116. Constance Jo Armstrong

    Bill Maher is the Antichrist he is the one who needs to go. I wish someone would bend his sorry ass over a table.

  117. Pat Cipri

    Hasselbeck was right. Maher was not only offensive to her in his past remark, but to all women. Does anyone realize what this idiot anti American man said?;….. "Let's trade Hasselbeck for the reporter so she can be raped"! Where's the humor? As for the other ladies of the view not defending her…that's old news. They are all so far left and blind to understand that Maher..a repugnant and nasty little man, a hater of America, should have been taken to task rather then coddled by them. Hasselbeck has guts unlike the other ladies of the view who are politically correct to match their Walters…who gives them their pay check.

  118. Jesse Schutz

    Pundits and comedians constantly say offensive things. Has she seen his show? He's liberal. He makes fun of conservatives. Aside from Ann Coulter, Hasselback is one of the most outspoken females conservative celebrities out there. And look at people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, they aren't even comedians, and look at the insensitive crap they say. Limbaugh mocked Michael J Fox's medical condition on air, and Ann Coulter referred to 9/11 widows as harpies. In both cases, they weren't trying to get laughs. They don't have studio audiences, and they aren't comedians. Not that I think anything of it. They can say what they please. Hasselback is manipulative for trying to portray it as something it wasn't.

  119. Edward M Smith

    Maher is disgusting. He thinks he can say whatever he wants about others but gets highly offended if he is the one spoken ill about. He is just a perv and he thinks he is so smart and knowing.

  120. Anjelina Taylor

    Hasselbeck was none too pleased with a joke Maher made at her expense last February, in which he suggested sending her to Egypt in exchange for CBS News correspond­ent Lara Logan, who’d been assaulted while covering that country’s democratic uprising.

    Hasselbeck is no stranger to fights on "The View." Previous cat fights include the notorious 2007 spat with Rosie O'Donnell and a 2010 row with Kathy Griffin. http://cel­ebuzzpics0­07.blogspo­­/11/elisab­eth-hassel­beck-vs-bi­ll-maher-o­n.html

  121. Arlene Brucato

    Both male and female comics think they can get away withsaying just about anything or about anyone! Well, they can't. Elisabeth has every reason to call out Bill Maher, who is probably the worse one out there. Here's their motto: "I'm a comic so I can say whatever I want about you!" Boloney!

  122. Gregg Denny

    What you are all missing is that Maher's comments were said after it was revealed that Lara Logan was raped over there. A joke stating that any woman be sent to another country to be gang raped is moronic and I cannot believe any one here is stupid enough to defend it! Hasselbeck, annoying or not was 100% correct that the statement was out of line and an insult to all women.

  123. Mike Malvestuto

    Bill Maher's a hypocrite. He's a left-wing critic, who calls himself an "independent comedian." He's constantly preaching about "racism" in the Tea Party, and yet the Tea Party are huge supporters of Herman Cain. And as far as his sense of humor, every Halloween Bill Maher goes on Real Time and promotes giving LSD to trick or treaters, yeah, real funny.

  124. Maggie Robinson

    Fingers crossed…she wasn't there today! Maybe Barbara finally had ENOUGH!

  125. Michael Riordan

    I don't think she holds a grudge; I think she makes a very good point. The humor in the joke rests on a tacit acceptance of rape and trade in women and acknowledging that fact makes the comment much less funny. The problem becomes that his invitation to the show was to make funny quips that day and her wanting to have a serious conversation derails that aim (and makes any funny talk awkward). If there were to schedule a *separate* show to talk about issues of trafficking and abuse of woman and have him come on to talk about it using his "joke" as a jumping off point, I think *that* would be much more useful.

  126. Kyra Brosnahan

    I agree that it was said… the air should be cleared… Bill said his piece, Elizabeth said her piece — Whoopie tells it like it is — comedians poke fun at everything and as everything is fair game; Barbara Walters did deal with BaaBaa WaaWaa… I believe that this topic should be closed NOW…. to tell you the truth, it should have been dealt with months ago when it happened — not await another public appearance (months later) to deal with this matter… It is an immature act that should be dealt with behind the scenes. Good time is wasted over minor tidbits of BS… life is too short to deal with this trivia matter….

  127. Larry Allen

    Didn't watch the clip, don't care, but I do know that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is much more aesthetically pleasing than Bill Maher. 😉

  128. Diana Johnson

    She wasnt on the show today! LMAO, gee I wonder why? LOL DOn't CARE!

  129. Jeremy Freshwater

    Phil stated he is the one (of several) comedians treading on the thin line of acceptability, trying to push as far as possible without going overboard. That is an obvious grey zone, he treads too far for many folks, but it is done from his part knowing he is first and foremost a comedian. Lizzy, is on an opinion talk show, she is paid to give opinions. Her life is supposed to be closer to the newsroom than Maher. He is A++, she is not.

  130. Susan Petricone Weinstein

    OMG – she is sooooooo annoying. she really needs to get a hold on that huge ego. they should fire her ass and maybe I would start watching the view again. it is unwatchable with her on it.

  131. Melonie Phillips Holcomb

    Elizabeth is the reason I quit watching the view. she just rants on and is extremely narrow minded, not letting anyone have an opinion on anything other than hers. she gets on my nerves so bad that I quit watching the show because of it. I can't believe Walter's just lets her rant on and on, she never makes a point. ridiculous, she is no public figure, she is a fool.

  132. Melonie Phillips Holcomb

    and by the way i don't care for Maher either but he does have his good days not many but a few

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