Cop burning car

Teen Cop Burning Car: 17-Year-Old Volunteer Firefighter Pulls Cop From Burning Car, Saves His Life

A teen pulled a cop from a burning car just seconds before the car exploded. According to, Joe Chambers spotted a police car that was on fire after an apparent accident near his sister’s home on Saturday. Joe, a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter, didn’t think twice. He ran down the street to help.

“I started running full speed down the street and as I got to the car, the bottom of the car caught fire and then the hood caught fire… the door was jammed shut, I couldn’t get it open. I looked over at the people watching and I said, ‘Somebody’s gonna have to come help me,’ and [Dante Johnson] came over and I said, ‘We’re gonna have to get him through the window.’ The whole windshield was almost melting because the engine was so hot.”

The teen pulled the cop from the burning car with the help of 24-year-old Dante Johnson. The two men arrived just in time. As soon as they pulled the officer out of the car, and got him on to the sidewalk, the car’s engine compartment exploded.

According to Mail Online, officer Mark Kimsey, 30, was in his cruiser when a pickup truck crashed into him. The impact was so bad that the officer was trapped inside the vehicle, unable to open the door. He was barely able to move, slipping in and out of consciousness, by the time Chambers got to him.

Officer Kimsey suffered trauma to his head as a result of the airbag’s deployment, and also had severe burns on his legs, but he is expected to be okay. He is listed in stable condition at the hospital where he is expected to stay for a few more days. Chambers got checked out at a hospital too, and then he headed to see officer Kimsey. The two men even posed for a photo together, clearly new friends for life.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Philadelphia teen is being called a hero after the brave rescue. However, Chambers isn’t letting the attention get to his head. He says that he was just doing what anyone else would do in such a situation.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]