Brody Jenner Flips Out On Photographer: ‘Don’t Ask Me About Kim Kardashian!’ (Video)

Brody Jenner is his own man with his own fan base. Although he’s constantly associated with the Kardashian brand, the former Hills star does have a career and life of his own.

So, it wasn’t surprising that fans and paparazzi were at the airport when he arrived in Sydney Airport on Saturday, Nov. 8. However, what did surprise him was the paparazzi’s constant questioning about Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, Brody didn’t feel like discussing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and had no reservations about voicing his frustrations. As a matter of fact, he reportedly “exploded” at the photographer, reports the Daily Mail.

“You’re going to ask me about my f—ing sister?” he asked the photographer.

Brody’s relationship with Kim has been questioned quite a bit over the past couple months. So, it’s not surprising that he was asked about his famous stepsister. For those who missed it, the 31-year-old reality star skipped out on Kim and Kanye’s wedding.

However, he made it a point to attend the wedding of Kim’s ex-boyfriend, NFL star Reggie Bush. Of course, that decision sparked lots of speculation about his relationship with Kim. When he was asked about his decision, he had no reservations about sharing his perspective.

Back in July, Brody revealed he really doesn’t know Kanye, but he has a great friendship with Reggie. He also noted that it was much easier to attend Reggie’s wedding in California as opposed to Kim’s extravagant ceremony in Paris.

“What’s crazy to me is that people are making such a big deal about that. There’s a few reasons that came into pay as to why I didn’t go to Kim’s, one of them being it’s in Paris, you know? Which is a long way away. Reggie Bush’s wedding was right down the street, it was in San Diego.”

Since Brody has made it clear that he feels some kind of way about being questioned about Kim, the next photographer may think twice before inquiring!

[Image via Facebook, Brody Jenner]