Niall Horan And Harry Styles Talk Cannibalism

Niall Horan And Harry Styles Would Totally Eat Liam Payne: He’s So Meaty [Video]

Niall Horan and Harry Styles agree on who the most edible member of One Direction is.

The boys recent appearance on the German show Wetten, dass..? took a bizarre turn when the interviewer asked them a question about cannibalism.

Niall Horan and Harry Styles were asked, “If you were on an island and had no food, who would you eat first?” Gossip Cop shared a video showing the singers’ answers to the strange question, and at first, Niall responded with a joke.

“So this is like The Hunger Games?”

Actually, wouldn’t it be more like this season of The Walking Dead? Katniss and Peeta don’t have to worry about getting eaten in The Hunger Games, and they never resort to filling their bellies with human flesh.

After his epic joke fail, Horan offered a serious answer. He stated that he’d eat Liam Payne first because he’s one of the “meatier” members of One Direction.

“There’s more muscle to eat,” Niall pointed out. Harry Styles agreed by stating that Liam would provide “the most courses,” and Horan joked that the band could eat his toes for dessert. Payne better pray that One Direction’s private jet never crashes in a remote, food-less area.

When the interview ran short, Niall Horan provided filler by trying (and failing) to create a poem on the spot. Luckily, Harry Styles saved the day when he came up with a better idea to fill time — he swapped spots with the interviewer. She pretended to be a member of One Direction, and she even took credit for writing all the songs on Four.

Of course, Harry had to throw in one naughty question — he asked Niall who the last person he had sex with was. Luckily, the dumbstruck singer was saved when the interviewer answered for him by saying that she and Horan hooked up. You can check out the entire silly interview below.

Niall and the interviewer probably didn’t hook up, because the cheeky Irishman currently has eyes for another woman; The X Factor UK contestant Lauren Platt. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the lucky lady has allegedly scored a date with Horan.

According to the Mirror, Niall Horan recently told This Morning that he’d love to see 17-year-old Lauren Platt win The X Factor.

“I really like her — she is really sweet,” Niall gushed. The two have already met and posed for a cute photo together.

Niall Horan And Lauren Platt

Do you think Niall and Lauren would make a cute couple? Do agree that Liam Payne would be the tastiest member of One Direction?

[Images via Liam Payne/Instagram, Lauren Platt/Twitter]