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Pamela Anderson to Play Virgin Mary on Canadian Christmas Special

pamela anderson virgin mary

If you didn’t have a visual representation in your mind of the word “sacrilegious,” perhaps you will now.

That’s because Canadian network CTV has cast Pamela Anderson in the role of the Virgin Mary for the upcoming A Russell Peters Christmas Special. Anderson is probably best known for her turn in Baywatch, but also gained significant notoriety for a well-distributed sex tape starring the actress and ex Tommy Lee frolicking in all sorts of compromising positions. Anderson also was heavily featured in Playboy throughout the 90’s, achieving massive topless stardom even before the advent of the internet.

A few years back, Anderson was roasted on Comedy Central’s A Roast of Pamela Anderson, resulting in some of the raunchiest roast-related comedy to be seen on the network. Courtney Love, Greg Giraldo, Anna Nicole Smith, Tommy Lee, Sarah Silverman and Andy Dick were all present at the roast- which was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel- to poke fun at Anderson’s career, life choices, alleged promiscuity, breasts, literacy advocacy and marriages in order to raise money for animal rescue charities.

The Hollywood Reporter describes some of the action on the show in which Pamela Anderson will play the Virgin Mary.

A Russell Peters Christmas Special will also star Michael Bublé, Ted Lange (The Love Boat), Saturday Night Live alumnus Jon Lovitz and Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall)… The Canadian show will feature a mix of stand-up and sketch comedy, stop-motion animation and musical performances… A Russell Peters Christmas Special is produced by Round 2 It Entertainment, Peters’ production shingle, CPI Pictures and Insight Productions.

The special airs December 1st.

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7 Responses to “Pamela Anderson to Play Virgin Mary on Canadian Christmas Special”

  1. Vinny Androsiglio

    Why don't they just cast Anton Le Vey as Jesus in a remake of The greatest Story Ever Told. No wonder this world is in the shape it's in. Boycotting will draw attention so what do we do? Talk about a rock and a hard place. Hopefully the U.S.television networks won't try and pick this one up.That goes double for NBC.

  2. John King

    Just another downgrade on another level. I'm willing to bet that the producer isn't even a Christian. As with all things now, Quality isn't a part of the package. Sort of like, Batteries not included. I may not be religious, but this is such a blatant insult to those whom are. Try doing such a thing with the Koran… I'm certain there would be death threats, just like when David Letterman was cracking jokes, not too long ago.

  3. Jason Perry

    Well they definitely didn't type cast this character! Sounds like something out of "Scrooged". Is Bill Murray producing this?

  4. Anonymous

    another sign that the end of the world is near when this whore plays the virgin mary.

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