Justin Bieber Drops By Pittsburgh Steelers' Bible Study Session

Justin Bieber Joins Pittsburgh Steelers’ Bible Study, Now Blamed For Jets Loss

Justin Bieber and some of the Pittsburgh Steelers bonded over a team Bible study session on Saturday.

But while Arthur Moats, Bruce Gradkowski, Cam Heyward, and Matt Spaeth looked pretty delighted to see the Biebs at the Bible study, reaction elsewhere saw grumbles from sport sites and fear from some Steelers fans that Sunday’s game was jinxed.


In fact, Bieber has been on a religious retreat since last month, seemingly triggered by his recent split from Selena Gomez.

The 20-year-old superstar stayed with his friend, Pastor Carl Lentz of the New York City Hillsong Church, while he attended church services in the last week of October. Then, the Canadian joined The City Church’s Pastor Judah Smith’s “Jesus Is” tour for a few days.

The sight of Bieber and Gradowski together produced this response from a reporter on Twitter.

The contrast with the curmudgeons and the actual team’s reaction to meeting Bieber is hard to miss.

Most sport sites that aren’t aware of Bieber’s current bible study and church visits have griped about the “Boyfriend” singer’s infamous support of different teams in the past, and accused him of jumping on the Steelers bandwagon because of recent game success.

But, if the team themselves were happy to meet Bieber…

Just try telling that to these guys.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses on Twitter claim Bieber attended church in Montclair, New Jersey, over the weekend.

Perhaps Bieber put in a prayer for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Sadly, they lost to the New York Jets 20-13 and Steelers fans are blaming the singer.

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