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Bublé on Kardashian: ‘That B*tch Isn’t Coming on My Stage’

buble on kardashian

Although old-fashioned crooner Michael Bublé may sing like a gentleman, he had a bit of rough criticism for reality show horror Kim Kardashian- who has inserted herself hard into the news cycle after a marriage that was shorter than some road trips.

The 36-year-old canuck was performing at an iHeartRadio Live concert in the New York City district of Tribeca at the PC Richard & Son Theater when he said to the crowd:

“Ladies and gentleman, I have a very special guest… Please welcome Kim Kardashian [to the stage]!”

The audience reacted with surprise, clearly expecting the reality show celebutante to materialize at Bublé’s show. But the singer was just messing around with them, and he said:

“Nah, just f***ing with you! That bitch isn’t coming on my stage.”

After he’d punked the audience, Bublé launched into a cover of the Nina Simone classic “Feeling Good,” and extended the joke by dedicating the tune to Kardashian’s scorned husband, Kris Humphries. Bublé added:

“She hurt him, she hurt him! I wish she had hurt me!”

The New York Post gave an account of the show, during which Bublé wowed fans by looking fly and dusting off a few Christmas tunes:

Bublé took the stage with his band in a bit of a business-casual look, wearing jeans, a black blazer and a gray tie. And despite it not even being Thanksgiving yet, ’ol Bubsy made like Bing Crosby and got the holidays going by singing songs from his new album, “Christmas.” The release is his first holiday-themed album since 2003’s “Let It Snow.”

Do you think Bublé’s remarks were funny, or rude?

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36 Responses to “Bublé on Kardashian: ‘That B*tch Isn’t Coming on My Stage’”

  1. Kenny Aldrich

    he's kinda gay acting and I personally don't care for him (he ain' no sinatra that's for sure) but his comment did make me respect him a little more now for some reason.

  2. Kay Zulu

    the same could be said about everyone else who have said worse and made worse jokes about her failed marriage. why is it any one's business? ..because the Kardashians have put their business out there for all to see.

  3. Kay Zulu

    I love Buble! don't care what anyone has to say bout him..and this is funny! like x1000

  4. Ron York Sr

    Michael Buble was right on point. When you expose your life as KK does, you should expect to be slammed when your behavior sucks!

  5. Jackie Arroyo Santana

    haha That Buble guy just said the smartest thing I've heard in a while.

  6. Chris Hewitt

    This seems really pointless. I mean, he's not a comedian or talk show host, and as far as I know he has no personal connection to her. So why did he even bother to just take a shot at her? She's a useless piece of trash, but so are lots and lots of other celebrities. Hating Kim Kardashian is like shooting fish in a barrel. This was a childish move on Buble's part.

  7. John McDevitt

    She made her name by blowing black guys on video, and that's where she should have remained. A slut who whores herself out for cash. How she parleyed that into acceptance is the zeitgiest of our crumbling civilization. Great call Buble.

  8. Franky Bulbasour

    Please make sure to share the page with all your FB friends. The site has a big orange share button on the top right. Share until facebook bans you for an hour!

  9. Constance D'Amico

    Because she has thrust herself into the public eye and made it EVERYBODY'S business! You want anonymity, stay out of the spotlight!

  10. Alfred Escobin

    Thank you lord for a celebrity having the balls to call her out. B**ch has got to go….

  11. Marianne Principe


  12. Richard Gonzales

    Comedians and talk show hosts have no special appointment by the government or general public. This is America and everyone can voice their opinions, escpecially in their own forum and his show is his forum. So, does he have the right? Yes. Should he? Up to him. Was he being childish? I don't know. Did you stop and consider that he may be friends with her soon to be ex? If you had some woman dump you in the same public way that she did and your friend offered public criticism of what she did to you would you tell your friend he is being childish? She has taken a path to fame and fortune that she desired. She wants to play with the big dogs she can surely take some critisicm from the public and her peers. Yes, Buble is a peer as they are both in the entertainment industry. Only difference is, one has talent and the other the media's attention……for now. In fact, Buble probably just helped her get her name out more…

  13. Alyce Conrad

    Funny. She's made herself fair game, it's his stage, so go for it Bublé.

  14. Richard Gonzales

    I found it funny. But then I am not a fan of KK. She is just one of those quasi-celebrities who is riding out her 15 minutes of fame as long as she can because she has no talent or anything newsworthy other than tabloid trash. She wants to run with the big dogs (Paris Hilton, to name one) so a leaked sex video, a highly profile wedding and divorce (not handled with the least bit dignity) should be expected. She defines what is rude and crass in America today, in my opinion. So, more power to Michael Buble. The only downside to this thread and the articles about Buble's comments is that she is a true media whore. So, even the negative talk about her is still… about her. Which is all she really wants in the first place. Funny, isn't it? LOL

  15. Chris Hewitt

    Richard Gonzales 1. I never said he didn't have the "right" to say what he wants. Having free speech does not mean that speech can't be stupid or immature. 2. Everyone has the right to judge and comment on what someone says on a concert stage. 3. Was he being childish? Hmmm. Taking time in the middle of his concert to insult some empty-headed celebrity? Yeah, that's pretty childish. 4. I don't engage in random speculation as to whether or or not Buble is friends with Kardashian's ex. Frankly, it doesn't matter, it had nothing to do with his music or why his fans came to hear him sing. 5. If some girl dumped me and my friend decided to call her a bitch in the middle of one of his concerts, I'd tell him it was a stupid and childish thing to do. I don't like Kardashian one bit, but this was a completely pointless move by Buble.

  16. Amanda Dunn

    I think Bauble just said that crap to hop on the "I hate Kim Kardashian" bandwagon and fit in. I don't like her as much and the next person but, what he said us rude, crude, tasteless, and ignorant. Plus, I hate women being called that word in any context (regardless of who it is directed towards).

  17. Douglas Caple

    of course sell the Christmas music with a foul mouth and a hateful..sarcasim……using a Pagan Holiday( X mas has no Christmas roots).

  18. Donna Kuykendall Stebbins

    Amanda Dunn ..Who does he need to fit in with? She's a no talent who makes millions selling herself. Her mother is her pimp and I, as a woman, say a lot worse things about her than he did.

  19. Lisa Broadwater

    Why does she feel the need to impose her life on ANYONE!!! Nobody cares…this hoax of a marriage just goes to show what a heartless woman she is…she doesn't deserve love!!!

  20. Michiel Frederick Bothma

    Always like that !! The one who stands behind the door always has the most to say about others. All these negative comments are pure jealousy. The Kardashians knows how to make money and that is the reason why everybody is so nasty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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