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Vampire Babies: How Can Twilight Vampires Reproduce?


Do you want to waste some time? Try to logically explain vampire babies. In the latest installment in the Twilight series, Bella will give birth to Edward’s vampire baby. Is this even possible? Can undead creatures like vampires get erections? Could Bella’s womb really handle the strain of having a vampire baby?

Do people really try to answer these types of questions?

Twilight Saga Answers explains that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer “drew upon tales of the supernatural seducer known as the incubus (reputed to feed off of its victim’s life force, but not necessarily to drink blood) in creating the circumstance of the vampire Edward fathering a child (half vampire, half human) with his human wife Bella.”

Ok, that’s great and all. But if Vampires are undead how can they create a living being? Is the vampire baby born undead, or living?

Zap2it notes that Meyer isn’t the first author to have her vampires give birth. In “Grave of the Vampire” and “Lost Souls,” a character gets impregnated by a vampire. Apparently, the correct term for a vampire baby is a dhampir. Dhampirs, from Balkan folklore, are supposedly adept at finding and killing vampires. So much for fatherly love.

So let’s pretend that vampire babies can exist. Could Bella survive the traumatic experience of giving birth to a Dhampir? Robert Pattinson described the birth scene from Breaking Dawn, and it isn’t pretty. Pattinson said:

“I think it would be impossible to show the full extent of what the set looked like without it being R-rated. I remember going onto the set the first day and they had this prosthetic dummy as Kristen and it was so emaciated with this huge mutated baby bump. And her ribcage was sticking out! She was just lying there dead like a zombie, just covered in blood!”

As for vampire erections, I’m going to say plausible in the world of fiction. Vampires have been sexual beasts for a long time. Movies like “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” were full of vampire sex. Maybe vampires suck just enough blood to keep their love pump going.

So are vampire babies possible? Sure, why not. If millions of people around the world are eagerly awaiting a vampire baby’s birth, it has to be true, right? Here’s the trailer for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

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85 Responses to “Vampire Babies: How Can Twilight Vampires Reproduce?”

  1. Kathy Sweeney

    It is fiction! Relax, it is first a book then a movie of FICTION!

  2. James Johnson

    But I want answers! Dan was just having fun with the absurdity of the question which has been gaining popularity around the internet, of course all of us who have read the series already know how the birth is able to occur without killing Bella along the way.

  3. Stephanie Bitner Purvis

    Good grief! Its fiction…………there can be anything possible!

  4. Debbie Doherty

    In Stephenie Meyer's world of the Twilight Saga, vampires are "frozen in time" as they were at the time of their "change"… so Edward Cullen is an eternally young, "17 year old" male… and just as virile as he would have been at that age, too. When he and Bella conceive their HYBRID child, Bella is still HUMAN… and she remains human until after the baby is born. Thus, the baby is also HALF-vampire, HALF-human. So, yes, it is possible for a VAMPIRE and a HUMAN to have a baby… IF the HUMAN is the woman. It would be impossible for Esme, Rosalie or Alice to conceive and carry a baby because their bodies no longer go through all the HORMONAL changes needed to conceive a child, and also because their bodies don't change, period, so they wouldn't be able to accomodate a growing fetus. Furthermore, if any one of them had been pregnant at the time of their transformation, they would remain at that early stage of pregnancy forever, and the baby would never be born.

  5. Veamariz Santiago Hermoso

    It's actually Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1. not Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 2. haha the trailer I mean. :)

  6. James Johnson

    You are correct Veamariz, I have changed it but don't get me started at how stupid it is that yet another novel is having the last book broken into two parts for a purely profit driven motive.

  7. Lauren Scalise

    Well, actually according Stephenie Meyer as she explains the physiological changes that occur during a vampiric transformation in the Twilight series, the heart of the bitten human stops beating, the veins and arteries desicate, and there is no blood flow in the body.

    According to actual science, an erection is acheived by increased blood flow to the penis, pumped by a rapidly beating heart. The penis is made up of three long spongy tubes of tissue, the cavernous and the spongy bodies. Each tube is surrounded by flexible and fibrous tissue, and the whole bundle is wrapped up in another layer of tissue called Buck's fascia. There's a rich blood supply to the penis via arteries which run along the whole length of the penis inside the spongy erectile tissues and whose branches empty blood directly into the spongy tissue. An erection is driven by this blood. The spongy tubes fill up with blood, which results in the tissue expanding and, at full capacity, hardening as the tissues become inflated.

    A few problems exist when we try to apply this erection acheivement to a vampire: no heart beat to drive the blood flow; no blood to flow; no un-desicated veins for the blood to flow through; no flexible and fibrous tissue to expand to make an erection (the books state that vampire skin is as hard as granite). So unless the human had an erection when he was intially bitten by a vampire, one would think the human would be frozen in his non-erect state, incapable of making an erection when a vampire, because, as the books state, vampires' bodies cannot change.

    Now, even if the bitten human had an erection when he was transformed and maintained that erection into his vampire state, there is no way he could ejaculate to make a baby. Ejaculation is a reflex action controlled by the central nervous system. It has two phases. In the first phase, the vas deferens (the tubes that store and transport sperm from the testes) contract to squeeze the sperm toward the base of the penis and the prostate gland and seminal vesicles release secretions to make semen. In the second phase, muscles at the base of penis contract and force the semen out of the penis.

    The major problem with the ejaculation acheivement with a vampire: the vas deferens would be desicated and no sperm could be transported from the testes to the uterus. No sperm, no baby.

    So when we combine actual science with the physiological changes that occur during vampiric transformation per Ms. Meyer, one can deduce that a vampire-human hybrid would be impossible. Even though the Twilight series is a work of fiction and we all know anything can happen in fiction, Ms. Meyer herself set the standard for the impossibility of a hybrid child in the very first book.

    Despite all of that, I love the Twilight series and can overlook the argument I made above for the sake of story!

  8. Johna Jolene Likins

    Not to be to explicit, I'm seriously wondering this, but wouldn't that mean that Edward could never ejaculate? Or if he did one time, it would never be able to repopulate itself for another go? If the women cant reproduce because the functions have stopped, then the same would happen for Edwards sperm production. Yes, you could argue he died a virgin and carried that same "load" with him all those years, but it wouldnt be volatile… assuming he never "helped" himself haha.

  9. Corinne Colter

    but the guy would have to have hormonal changes to create live sperm..he could not being dead, as you stated the females couldnt produce hormones..and erections require hormones too

  10. Renee White

    James Johnson Exactly. And they also know that since it's a year until the next half comes out, people will probably go see this one more than once. The same with the next one. I did that with the HP Deathly Hallows movies.

  11. Rachel Bock

    It's a fictional book series. Anything can happen. Everything is left to the author to decide what is and what isn't possible.

  12. Alek Dean Maskery

    According to the REAL Vampire folklore, Vampires cannot reproduce. I don't care who wrote what or what her storyline is… There is no such thing as Vampire babies. And Vampires don't date their food… They eat it.

  13. Krystal Gould

    Renee White ..You dont think its alota stuff to fit in one movie? it would have to be like 6 hours long if they didnt … in both Harry Potter and Twilight .. the longest book was the last one .. doesnt that make sence they would make two movies? if they didnt i wouldnt watch it because they would leave out way too much or it would be too long to stand.

  14. Krystal Gould

    If you read the book.. it says how it possible there… but seeing how vampires are fiction… why is it even a big deal that they can fictionaly make babies?

  15. Ebony Pender

    You all are talking like its Edwards baby only.. Its Bell's baby too. And she is a living human being. And technically Edward is the "living dead". Oh! Did u catch that living part in there with the dead? Vamires are not dead thy are the living dead. BIG DIFFERENCE. I once read a book called the Hallows. It involves a lot o creatures. One in particular is a women who father was a vampire and who's mother was a human. She was hafl human hafl vamp. She could go out in the light in all that blah blah. Ok so I think that is kind of how it is. So "frozen in time" is you know the dead part. You died at 17 you are forever 17. But there also that living part where he can walk and talk and all that. How can he do that if he's dead? The answer is because he is not simply dead he is th "living dead". Its in the living part of living dead. I mean come on you guys not that hard. LIVING DEAD. All vamps have that in common whether they burn or sparkle (bleh) in the sun. So there ya go. BTW I'm TEAM JACOB all the way. I'm glad bella doesn't want him. Now I can have him. 😀

  16. Shelly Davis-Bruce

    Vampires are full of venom. Why couldn't the venom take place of the blood needed for an erection? Maybe it even makes his bite less toxic since the venom is concentrated elsewhere…just sayin'.

  17. Bison Mann

    It's a t.v. show, folks. It's like asking how Rip Van Winkle could have slept for 100 years ( how much of that was delta, how much r.e.m can the brain engage in?) How could Rumpelstiltskin have physically ripped himself in half? Wouldn't severing his own femoral artery caused him to lose consciousness, thereby preventing him from completing the self-rendering?

  18. Brian Scott Bailey

    Read old vampire legends actually In Search for Dracula by Raymond T. McNally & Radu Florescu the book discusses the legends of vampires as well as the pulp culture vampires which is everything from Dracula by Bram Stoker and beyond. In the original legends of the vampire a male vampire is able to have a child with a human female which is known as a Dhampir, which has been a favorite subject matter for sometime. In Necroscope series by Brian Lumley, his vampires are not truly undead and both male and female vampires (he calls Wamphyri) have children through biological means. Really the person writing this article could come off less uninformed if they cracked open a book. Marvel's Blade Franchise is about a Dhamphir with a character predating Meyers from a character made in the 1970's. Many authors have written about vampires having children you can go back to many old vampire novels and legends finding this easily with a little research that Don Evon has failed to do.

  19. Geria Wright

    It would have been good if Ms. Meyers could have continued the Twilight Saga with Edward and Bella's daughter Renesme…but with a twist. The above mentioned article described half-human, half-vampire babies as Dhamphir according to Balkan folklore and become another Blade? Nah, I think people , even the fans if that were possible, would have grown tired of Twilight.

  20. Thomasine Pickett

    uhhh there is no such thing as vampires so no they cant have babies.

  21. Beth Respess

    ok… for me, here's what it boils down to.
    Q: are vampires real?
    A: no. therefore, bella cannot actually carry a vampire/human hybrid baby to term.

  22. Scott Astley

    This is exactly why Belle should have gotten with Jacob. Their baby might have been a little hairy, but at least it would have been alive..:)

  23. Sheila N Vinson

    pssssttt…'cause its a movie, based on a book that someone made up—I repeat MADE UP, as in it's not REAL so anything is possible…

  24. Lauren Scalise

    Sorry Chris…my nerdiness and Masters of Science degree combined to thoroughly embarass my husband with this. It's mine.

  25. Marecia M Gaston

    Umm, people, let us not forget that we are talking about FICTIONAL characters. No matter what, the ENTIRE movie is impossible. Stop picking and prodding at this insignificant detail. Really people, REALLY? =

  26. Jamaal Reece

    And what does that even mean? "Living Dead" still implies death. The "living" equation of that comes from the fact that he is still walking around/talking. The "Death" part refers to the fact that he is "medically, and clinically dead"- I.E; His biological processes don't work. Which I would like to think means… NO Babies. And Debbie, sorry but "frozen in time" sounds like lazy writing to me. If his biological processes are still those of a 17 yr old boy, he can't truly be called dead-just simply an immortal, God-like being. Are we to believe that his mental capacities stay that of a 17 yr old for hundreds of years, even with is infallible amount of experience? If he stays in the same state, then this would infer that mentally, he can never improve…or learn. He'd be effectively inept. But if this isn't the case, why is it that he can still learn and grow, but biologically, he stays the same? To me, its just an inconsistent fallacy brought on by Meyer trying to be conveniently "fill in holes," even if it doesn't make much sense.

  27. Skootz Kitty

    I can't believe you people actually trying to give validation to this stuff. It is FICTION! Get yourself a life and read a REAL book!

  28. Shawn R Nibley

    Okay first of all, vampires are not dead they are imortal which by definition means you never die…second of all in Stephanie Meyers book as others have already stated before me, the vampires bodies are frozen in their present state so unless Edward was infertile as a human he can certainly get Bella pregnant..and furthermore, for all of you that are obsessed with whether or not he can get an erection in order to do the act in the first place, she also states that his body is as hard as a rock…that is his whole body so nothing limp there lol.

  29. Ellie Damann

    the twilight "vampires" AREn't REAL VAMPIRES! real vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight, they burst into flames and they don't infect their victims venom, they drink their blood!

  30. Krystal Gould

    Jamaal Reece .. vampires as a whole dont make much sence. there dead but .. their eyes work .. brain works .. sapose to be super strong… right? They feel pain so their nerves work. any vampire i have read or heard of BLEEDS right? .. whats pumping their blood… they dont have a pluse? So why cant the boys be able to reproduce?. the way the writer explanes it is there bodies dont change so a female vampire wont produce a new egg each month so she cant have a baby its not really a hormone thing at all.

  31. Jamaal Reece

    Krystal Gould "vampires as a whole dont make much sence" isn't much of counterpoint. Regulating a conversation to "its just fiction" is sort of a cop out. It essentially negates the reason to even discuss it. And what's wrong with analyzing and talking about the parameters or elements in a story? Twilight is rooted is in literature, is it not? And that in itself finds its roots in myth and mythology. So what's wrong with intelligently discussing it? I see that you're saying that certain elements of the story contradict each other. But that's my point. In the context of the actual story, its inconsistent. "Oh it's just a story," only works to serve as a conversation killer by people who really never had anything to say in the first place.

  32. Krystal Gould

    My point is if "vampires" as you think of them are a constant contradiction. why are you so stuck on the idea that they CANT have babies. cause i think they could. Also I Stated in a different post that its fiction but that wasnt a point i used in a responce to you.I was responding to your idea of them being dead and their "biological process" not working. Have you read all 4 of her books? cause i think she did a good job explaning how the whole baby thing happened in her book…

  33. Ryan Murphy

    There was an Oriental Vampire RPG that White Wolf put out that used the idea of different Chi energy. If a vampire became infused with enough… yang chi, I think it was, they became far more lively and could have a child, which were considered very dangerous and hunted down. Aside from the dhampyre version, a vampire infecting a pregnant woman who passes some of the taint on to the child before changing, it is the only precedence for such a thing I know of.

    Twilight is girly fantasy romance fluff. She came up with whatever reasons she could to give the girls the whole fantasy. A regular plain girl becomes the object of lust of at least two (I only know anything about this series from casual brushes) ultra good looking men. They happen to be a vampire and werewolf so the forbidden bad boy aspect is present. As well as "fixing" the poor little dears part of that fantasy. Since getting married and having a kid is often part of the girly fantasy as well, she had to write those bits in.

    Twilight is just a junior grade romance novel series for little girls. Transparent fluff for dandelion minds.

  34. Ginger Sharpe

    I love that people are trying to apply logic and real-life science to the fictional and imaginary works of Stephenie Meyer…

  35. Jamaal Reece

    Krystal, with all due respect, that's the point I was making… A contradiction in essence, is an inconsistency. And I only said they can't have babies, in regards to the things that we were presented with in the story. I never said, no one can write fiction where NO vampire babies can be born…just that the explanation given in this story is flimsy, in regards to the already established truths in the story. You believed she explained it well in her story, I don't. We just have to agree to disagree on that one.

  36. Krystal Gould

    "We just have to agree to disagree on that one" is sort of a cop out. It only works to serve as a conversation killer by people who really never had anything to say in the first place.

  37. Jamaal Reece

    Ooooooooo…. Touche… But hey, I've clearly, already explained my stance on the subject, as have you. No need to repeat myself. I trust you'd rather not either.

  38. Tasha Sorensen

    The first rule of fiction is that it must make sense within its world. The fact that Stephanie Meyer wrote the whole Bella being pregnant thing just seemed like a cop out to me. I did read the series, despite not thinking much of the writer, but I could have lived and been happy without having read the fourth book.

  39. Rachel Bock

    Tasha Sorensen I haven't read the books, but I have a Twihard friend who explained things, and I've seen the movies. When she explained the last book, my thought was it was a jumble of a million ideas mixed together. She seemed to have gone too far. Breaking Dawn should have been more thought out and followed the previous books better. It seemed to be in a world all its own. Fans wanted to see Edward and Bella get married, but the pregnancy and Jacob imprinting on the baby was way out of left field. I agree with you it would have been better left out.

  40. Bryan Petersen

    well forgetting everything else…tell me how the baby ages? Obviously vampires do NOT. I cannot think of one movie, book, anything where the vampires age. So if they have a vampire baby how is it going to grow up. Does it stop aging when it is 20, 30, when? In the movie Blade, there is a part where a vampire in a council says "I was born a vampire as was everyone in this room." He looks about 50 years old in the movie…so I guess they stop aging whenever the writer of the movie/book says they do.

  41. Brittany Gia Santos

    Shoot I've read the last book before things got too crazy…..and I STILL don't understand how this thing happened o.O What irritates me though is that Meyer clearly stated vamps couldn't have babies in the 1st book then in the 4th book it's possible? You liar Meyer -_-

  42. Brittany Gia Santos

    James Johnson But do we really mind Harry Potter being split into 2 movies though? The book was freaking long and had so much packed into it. Whereas Breaking Dawn, I'm sorry but that could have just been one movie, Summit's doing it to make more cash -_-

  43. Oscar Garza Gonzalez

    define REAL there is A LOT of (contradictory) folklore about vampires, and u are forgetting about Dhampires, Meyer may be the worst vampire writer in recorded history, but u gotta give her that, at the very least she got a couple of things right about some of the folklore….

  44. Oscar Garza Gonzalez

    that's actually one of the inconsistencies of the book, their veins are supposed to be dry yet they have venom that they produce with their theeth? mouth? saliva? and then there's the semen issue

  45. Dragana Nikolić

    Um… According to real vampire folklore they can. Now, the question is, what do you consider to be real vampire folklore? I tend to believe it would be folklore from the Balkans, and here (on the Balkans) vampires are known (in legends) to get out of their graves to seduce women and terrify or kill men. They can be fight against with Christian holy elements, such are crucifixion, even a simple cross and holy water; than garlic and hawthorn stick (not any wooden stick, but only hawthorn) through the heart. The last one wont dust them, but will kill them ("kill" meaning here they won't come out of grave again)
    And on top of all that, yes, they can reproduce (with those women that they seduce) and their offspring is called vampirović or dhampir, as is believed to have all strengths of a vampire and none of weaknesses, as well as skill to kill them, recover and regenerate fast and live extremely long, aging very slowly from adolescence onward.

  46. Dragana Nikolić

    Huh. I know why we are here. We wonder, ponder and discuss on the subject, so we are wasting our time in the way that pleases us. But why you are wasting your time in the way that is unpleasant to you?
    I personally think that Philip Pullman is horrible person and that his books are beyond satanism, therefore I don't spend my time on any websites that have anything to do with his trilogy. Indeed, I read them, first one because I thought it would be interesting, and two others because I made myself to, so I know the subject I am criticizing, but I am not going around doing that.
    I go around and discuss subjects that are pleasant, interesting or at least funny to me.

  47. Krystal Gould

    Zakkery Kotthoff true that and i remember going that sucked they left so much stuff out. the last book was way more action through out the whole book. if they just shortened all the sceans of him finding all the things or all the battles where important people die it wouldnt make much sence would it? even still they left stuff out … can you imagine if they made it one 2 1/2 hour movie what it would have been like?

  48. Dragana Nikolić

    They are real inside of a fictional universe, so this discussion is on the real possibilities inside that fictional universe.

    But, I am guessing you already know that and just messing with us. :)

  49. Beth Respess

    Dragana Nikolić – i am :) actually i loved the books, and am a fan of the movies, though not quite as much. i think it's fun to debate how things work inside a fictional universe, too, it just seemed like some people were talking it so seriously that the fictional aspect was getting lost. since it's not real, anyone writing the fiction can really make up any logistical offshoots they like, as long as it still works within the universe they've created. part of the fun of vampire fiction to me (and i've read tons) is that each author plays with the genre. there is always a scene near the beginning where they are talking to a human explaining which myths are true and which aren't, therefore putting their own stamp on it and making their version distinct from the others. it's actually my favorite part of vamp fiction :)

  50. Alice Rose

    Oscar Garza Gonzalez I agree to the fact that it is all fiction, but my contention has always been the same as Oscar…if Edward is "dead" how can he possibly produce ANY bodily fluids..

  51. Margaret Gonzales

    This is really sick! I can place alot of money down that those who post here are not followers of the Christ! This reminds me of the serpent in eden that told the woman. "Did God really say that the day you eat of this fruit you will die?" You will not die, you will become as wise as God." And now we are programming our kids. Shame on you. And you probably don, t feel any shame and think I am a big fool. Remember "Shame is to the soul what pain is to the body." satan never comes to people as he is. He is always wrapped in a beautiful package, after all, he was the pretties angel in heaven.

  52. Oscar Garza Gonzalez

    Alice Rose well, the book says he's frozen in time, but it does a pretty good job out of leaving really clear that they dont have bloods in their veins, so yeah…

  53. Ian Newsome

    That's good to know and all, but I'm not really sure what this has to do with Twilight. Those are fairies. Not vampires.

  54. Tiffany Anne Thompson

    I went on a research hike about this a year ago and came up with Stephanie Myers does not fallow any vamp lore and just comes up with random myths and puts them together for her own little happy story. I say Buffy the Vampire Slayer is such a better story line then this could even try to be…I do believe that Vamps can't reproduce bc their dead…the only thing that's making them walk is the blood they drink. I disagree with "dating their food" because Angel did with Buffy…and yes Buffy is the original vampire series and the only true love between a vampire and a human. The kind of vamps that die in sunlight and don't sparkle!

  55. Lauren Scalise

    @ Philip Anthony Franco – that would explain Joey's preternatural intelligence!!!

  56. Nicky 'wombat' Thorp

    The issue is clearly Stephanie Meyer's inconsistency within her own books.
    She says that a vampires bodily fluids are replaced with venom and that under no circumstances can they have a child, with a human or otherwise, but seems to suspend this rule to continue the story in Breaking Dawn.
    Lets try it with other stories: The Terminator is incapable of feeling human emotions, but to further enrich the story lets just say that it can in ONE of the plot lines…

  57. Joanie Mariie Nina Ruperto

    guys, you have to comprehend that Meyer's intentions were nothing more than utilizing her imagination to interpret real facts and create a story, not to document them as they are supposed to be. just like art; take facts and portray them as your own unique interpretation. i'm not a huge fan, but if you see the story with an artistic eye, i think she did a fabulous job. but if you see the twilight saga as a documentary series of vampires and werewolves and whatever, you'll obviously hate it; because that wasn't the author's purpose. think about it :)

  58. Joanie Mariie Nina Ruperto

    guys, you have to comprehend that Meyer's intentions were nothing more than utilizing her imagination to interpret real facts and create a story, not to document them as they are supposed to be. just like art; take facts and portray them as your own unique interpretation. i'm not a huge fan, but if you see the story with an artistic eye, i think she did a fabulous job. but if you see the twilight saga as a documentary series of vampires and werewolves and whatever, you'll obviously hate it; because that wasn't the author's purpose. think about it :)

  59. Nova Constantine

    ok.. from far as I know real vampires can't have babies.. the only exceptions would be dhampires but the vampires involved are the undead classics not the sparkly stones that techically can't have the bonner and would be shoting venom with darts juniors.. about the twilight ones.. they shouldn't be able.. they are not technically vampires, Meyer just named them so but against all the variety that can be found in myths they all have something in common: they are creatures that died and came back to life, hence the need to drink blood, they sustain their unatural life with the blood of the living, the essence of life… the twilight vampires, meyerpires are people that have been poissoned with the venom and froze in a sparkling stone.. death is the result of the freezing proces not a step. and the need for blood is pretty much just for convenience, to make the dude look broody, chaste and proof of love, who wouldn't be inloved with a broody chastity obssessed, 100 some years virgin dude that says all the time that he loves you and that he is haunted all the time of the idea of killing you in millions of ways each and every second and that's all about him… (which is against the classic horrifing and seductive nature of vampires) since the author says clearely that they are frozen stones with no blood or circulatory system… as stone as the yare they wouldn't be needing blood.. so, coming back.. no circulatory, no blood, no erection and 100 years old juice is something pulled out of the backside for the sake of the stories convenice… I find it cheap that meyer didn't strugle a bit to make it more acceptable mythology, she just ponny puffed vampires for the sake of her phantasie.. if she wanted to create a new mythological creature she could have done it nicely without taking the merits of an old mythology but just giving another name to te creature she created.

  60. Libby Socha

    Totally going off of Stephanie Meyer's fictional story line; are all male vampires able to reproduce or just certain male vampires? It's been about 3 years since I read the books and I thought I read somewhere that only certain male vamps have the ability to reproduce and there was a special name for them. Is this true? (again according to Stephanie Meyer's story line).

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