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‘Interstellar’ Receives More Strong Reviews Ahead Of November 7 Release

Interstellar, the latest motion picture from the man who brought Batman back from the world of high camp, is on its way to theaters this weekend. According to the latest batch of reviews making the rounds online, director Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi opus is definitely a flick you’ll want to experience on the big screen.

Details regarding the film’s plot were kept under lock and key until the last possible second, giving potential Interstellar fans little to go on, other than vague internet rumors and speculation from various movie-oriented websites. After months of nothing from the studio and the director, Paramount finally coughed up some juicy info about the flick.

Check out Interstellar’s official synopsis below.

“With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars.”

According to Reel Views scribe James Berardinelli, Interstellar is definitely a flick you’ll want to experience in theaters. Since Nolan has infused the flick with an awe-inspiring sound design, taking a trip to your neighborhood cineplex is highly recommended.

“It’s an amazing achievement that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen with the best sound system possible. Nolan has crafted Interstellar as a movie theater experience. Watching it at home, no matter how good the sound system is, won’t match.”

A lot of reviewers who witnessed Interstellar headed of its November 7 release have drawn numerous comparisons to legendary director Stanley Kubrick’s classic sci-fi outing 2001. However, Cary Darling of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram explains that moviegoers shouldn’t anticipate a full-blown copycat experience. Nolan has apparently carved out his own unique space in the world of heady sci-fi drama.

“Whereas ‘2001’ is enigmatic and ethereal… ‘Interstellar’ is far more prosaic and pedestrian… Still, it has moments of bombastic brilliance, an often moving performance from Matthew McConaughey, and, boy, at its best, is it something to look at.”

As always, trying to please everyone on the planet is an extremely tall order. While the majority of the top critics who list their reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are quite pleased with the film as a whole, New Yorker scribe David Denby wasn’t overly impressed with the acclaimed filmmaker’s latest cinematic experience.

“‘Interstellar,’ a spectacular, redundant puzzle, a hundred and sixty-seven minutes long, makes you feel virtuous for having sat through it rather than happy that you saw it.”

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar hits theaters across North America this Friday (November 7). Are you planning to catch the flick on the big screen?

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