New York City Airport Parking: How To Find The Cheapest

New York City Airports Ready for Winter Blast

When one thinks of New York City and traveling to the airports, you can’t help but remember that episode of Seinfeld called “The Boyfriend,” wherein former baseball star Keith Hernandez played himself – a guy who asks Jerry to help him move, even though they don’t know each other that well. When Kramer gives Jerry a hard time about being taken advantage of, he asks, “You’re going to start driving him to the airport?” Jerry proclaims, “I am not driving him to the airport!”

How to find cheap New York City airport parking

One of the reasons people in New York City try to bum rides to the airport is because NYC airport parking can be so expensive. However, using the latest technology, it’s possible to uncover New York City airport parking that’s cheaper in comparison to the exorbitant rates you may find at the airport lots.

If I search for discount airport parking in New York City at JFK, for example, I can find all sorts of results that are less expensive than the up to $33 per 24-hour period that the official JFK International Airport Rates & Information page lists. With that Discount Park and Ride website, I was able to uncover lots like the “Park Plus” airport parking lot that’s only one-third of a mile away from the airport, with rates of $14.95 per day for the dates I selected, with plenty of amenities listed. There’s even a car wash and detail option, along with valet parking and free shuttles.

New York City airports set for improvement

However you plan to get to the airport in New York City, just know that Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning to make the two New York City airports prettier, reports Bloomberg. There’s currently a $500,000 design contest getting underway that should improve JFK and LaGuardia, the latter of which was called a third-world country’s airport by Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden was able to make up for his faux pas by sitting next to Mr. Cuomo when the half-million dollar enhancement to the New York City airports was announced, reports the New York Times.

Indeed, with New York City experiencing some of the busiest travel schedules for airports in the world, it’s important for travelers to not only find great parking rates when they get there, but to enjoy the updated airport designs along the way – especially when the eyes of the world are on New York City, as during the recent marathon, as seen in the Inquisitr.