WWE News: Renee Young Removes ‘Racist’ Photo Of Her Halloween Costume

Ever since the Redskins controversy began in the National Football League, and even before that, the rate of political correctness has since multiplied around the world. To remain in one certain area, the WWE isn’t clear of racist accusations, especially from the last several months. First, the removal of a new stable that included Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston went to the wayside and they were called racists for it.

Not only that, but the situation involving former-WWE champion Alberto Del Rio infuriated many people and the WWE was deemed to be “insensitive” to their race. Racist jokes are not funny and never will be a satirical matter. If the reports are true of racist comments towards Del Rio, then his actions weren’t completely out of line. In fact, few could think that they were completely justified.

Whatever the case may be; the WWE needs to stay away from anything controversial towards racism. There’s always two sides to the story however, especially if something is done or worn that is completely innocent, but an outcry for stereotyping occurs. WWE reporter Renee Young never did anything wrong, especially in the public eye. Yet, on Halloween, Young decided to dress up in a Native American outfit that contained fake blood, while it was ripped up.

Renee Young Costume

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and apparently the voices were heard. After a multitude of complaints, Young then deleted the picture on both her Twitter and Instagram page.

“What put the costume over the top was the attention to detail. She made her costume to appear as if it as soaked in blood.

“After receiving a number of messages deeming the costume racist and offensive, Renee deleted both photos from her Instagram account.”

Whether you agree with the removal of the photo or not, it was probably the right thing to do. WWE already entered hot water with the tearing down of the Russian flag by the Big Show several weeks ago. People still don’t realize that the WWE is in the entertainment business. Movies and television do the same thing the WWE does, but on a different level.

After the removal of the photo, Young had this to say on her Twitter page.

Even she was not happy about it. No matter the circumstance, there are certain groups of people that will get upset over the use of their heritage. It’s a touchy subject for everyone and society is much different than it once was. WWE will continue on and will remain wary of what their employees put on social media. Do you agree with the decision to remove the photo?

[Images via tumblr.com and fanpop.com]