Tamra Barney Bonds With Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star

Tamra Barney was rumored to be fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County, but Bravo has given no indication that they are letting her go. In fact, her storyline may be very interesting these days as she has just won a custody battle that her ex-husband, Simon Barney, decided to launch against her. He felt that she was an unfit mother and tried to get custody of the couple’s three children.

Tamra Barney ended up winning the case, and she is back at her fitness studio, CUT Fitness. Barney has been focusing on growing her company over the past couple of months, and she is now having an interesting person joining her in the studio. This week, Tamra revealed that she is bonding with a former housewife. And this housewife happens to be obsessed with working out.

According to a new RumorFix report, Tamra Barney is now revealing that Lynne Curtin stopped by CUT Fitness to lift some weights. When Lynne was filming The Real Housewives of Orange County a couple of years back, she admitted that she was obsessed with working out. She even brought her daughter with her to the gym, but she seemed less excited about getting fit.

Tamra Barney admits that she and Lynne have remained friends after Curtain left The Real Housewives of Orange County suddenly. Lynne left the show after learning that her husband lied to her in regards to their finances. He wanted to give his wife and their two daughters a life of luxury, but didn’t tell Lynne that they didn’t have the money. Rather than cutting down their spending, her children received an eviction notice.

But it appears that Lynne has moved on from her troubles. Tamra Barney is helping her work out and stay in shape. It is unknown whether Curtin would consider returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County. Rumor has it that she filed for divorce from her husband after being unable to trust him again.

It is interesting to learn that Tamra Barney has remained friends with Lynne after she left The Real Housewives of Orange County. When Curtin was filming with Tamra, Barney was too caught up in her arguments with Gretchen Rossi. They recently resurfaced as Rossi called Tamra a sociopath during a visit to Watch What Happens Live.

Would you want to see how Tamra Barney’s friendship with Lynne has grown on an upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Do you think Curtin should rejoin the show?

[Image via RumorFix]