2014 Election Predictions: Polls Results Indicate Republican Candidates Are Taking Over State By State

2014 Election Predictions: Polls Results Indicate Republican Candidates Are Taking Over State By State

The 2014 election predictions polls so far are predicting 2014 election heavily favoring the Republican party, and it’s said that Democrats in blue states are in a panic.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Nancy Pelosi is promising Hispanics that an Obama executive order will give illegal immigrants amnesty shortly after the end of the 2014 election results are announced. It’s also believed that President Obama’s approval rating is weighing down the Democratic party during the 2014 elections. One Republican congressman is going so far as to ask Americans to “surround the White House” in order to stop Barack Obama’s agenda.

Some of the 2014 election results are already being scrutinized because Democratic voter fraud was caught on video. Even one illegal immigrant is shown being encouraged to vote in an undercover video. But despite any election day shenanigans Rasmussen Reports is claiming that 62 percent of all Americans believe a Republican majority will take over the Senate this week.

These 2014 election predictions are actually quite a shift in thinking. Back in January only 44 percent felt this may happen, although by July these numbers had jumped to 54 percent. Only 24 percent of Americans in the 2014 election polls believe the GOP will not take the Senate majority, while 22 percent think it is very likely and only four percent said it is not likely at all. There is a large number of Americans who remain undecided, amounting to 15 percent.

But why are the 2014 election results supposed to favor the Republican party so heavily? According to a NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll, the biggest issue continues to be the U.S. economy, and more Americans believe the GOP does a better job at bringing back jobs. The Republicans also hold a 22 percent lead on dealing with the Islamic State, the Ebola virus, and Vladimir Putin’s saber rattling on behalf of Russia. But Democrats tend to lead on most domestic issues, including health care, Medicare, and Social Security.

These type of 2014 election predictions have Democrats seeing red in blue states. But members of the Democratic party said they had prepared for another 2010, when the Democrats lost 63 House seats.

“We’re in trench warfare. I’m not going to sugarcoat it,” Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said in an interview according to NewsMax. “It’s a tough climate, it’s getting tougher,” Israel said. “It’s the worst climate for Democrats since 2010, but it won’t be 2010. We knew that this was coming and we prepared for it.”