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STUDY: Penile cancer linked to bestiality


Wow, you really can find the craziest things when surfing the Web but the fact that they actually conducted a study into whether there was a connection between bestiality and penile cancer in first case should be equally bothersome.

Yet this is exactly what a urologist in Brazil did recently when Stenio de Cassio Zequi of San Paulo took a look at 492 men from rural Brazil, ranging in age of 18 to 80. Of those 492 men it turns out that 118 had been diagnosed with penile cancer.

Now this is where the wackiness starts as of the 188 men with penile cancer 45% confessed to have had sexual relations with animals compared with 32 percent of the healthy males. Of those that admitted to getting all cozy with animals 59 percent had been doing it with animals for one to five years and 21 percent for more than five years.

As for the lucky animals – well they ranged from horses to pigs and from cows to chickens. Yes. Chickens.

Apparently penile cancer, while rare in the United States accounts for up to 10 percent of male cancers in Africa, Asia, and South America. It is suggested that animal secretions may be toxic to humans and that as a result of scratches and cuts becoming infected there could be some currently unrecognized microorganism responsible for causing these cases of penile cancer.

Excuse me while I now go and be sick.

via MedicalXpress

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One Response to “STUDY: Penile cancer linked to bestiality”

  1. Luke Thomas

    Bestiality has been recorded since caveman times. It seems humans have always enjoyed having sex with beasts. Gonorrhea and chlamydia came from cows. HIV from chimps. Back in the 1950 Kinsey published a report that 17% of Americans admitted to having sex with animals to the point of orgasm. With today's internet with epidemic bestiality porn out there, this reflects that people are shagging animals–it's more common than people would like to think. The only people this study would bother are those who engage with bestiality sex. Otherwise it's useful information: Have sex with a beast your penis will deservingly rot off. Such a pity it doesn't happen any sooner.

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