Dog finds human bone

Dog Finds Human Remains: Atlanta Dog Brings Bones Home, May Solve ‘Missing Persons’ Case

A dog finds human remains and brings his treasure home as a disturbing a gift for his owner.

According to Jobs & Hire, a dog in Atlanta found bones near his home. His owner, Mike Page, called police when his dog brought home the bones, plopping one in the driveway and gnawing on another.

“All of a sudden, she shows up with one on the porch. She had the bone in her mouth on the porch and she left the other one in the driveway, that’s disturbing,” explained Page.

The bones were taken to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office where it was determined that they were indeed human.

The human remains found by the dog could help solve a “missing persons” case. Police sent out cadaver dogs and a “severely decomposed human skeleton” was found about two hours later. The identity of the body has not been confirmed, but the body was so badly decomposed that it will take other means — such as dental records — to come to a conclusion.

According to Mail Online, the bone the the dog (named Brix) was chewing on was very large. Mr. Page described it as looking like a femur bone. Police confirmed that the bone was part of a human leg. It could take weeks for police to connect the dots and find out where the body came from and how long it had been decaying.

“It could be a femur. Could be a tibia. Right now, I’m not sure which one. Had we not found these initial bones out here, we wouldn’t even be out here right now to find the current remains that we’ve located this afternoon. We’re glad we did find the initial bones, and hopefully we can bring some type of closure to the family,” said Lt. Charles Hampton.

Dogs find human remains from time to time, and these stories often make the news. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, a dog in Texas brought home a human skull. The golden Labrador retriever got out of her yard one night and followed her nose to the disturbing discovery. Likely feeling proud of herself, the pup brought the prize home. Little did she know that she opened quite the investigation! It is unknown if this case has been solved.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]