Amanda Bynes Caught Roaming Sunset Strip Following Release From Psychiatric Facility

Amanda Bynes, who was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility earlier this month, was caught roaming alone, spaced-out, on the world-famous Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Thursday night, as she chatted on her cell phone.

According to a TMZ report from today, the 28-year-old actress shielded her eyes with oversized sunglasses as she tried to go unnoticed, dressed in black. The report states that Amanda Bynes went before a hearing officer in order to secure her release from the facility.

The hearing officer on duty at the time reportedly felt that Bynes was stable enough to be released, despite her being on some serious medication to help manage her condition. The officer officially ended Amanda’s 30-day stint at the facility, which was apparently granted some time last week.

Bynes was reportedly also spotted grabbing a bite to eat, ordering a strange mix of fried chicken, salmon, Caesar salad with guacamole, and a house salad with Italian and ranch, according to the report.

It seems that Amanda took her medication before leaving the facility, as she was chatty with her server and was allegedly overheard saying she was shy because she just had a procedure done on her face which required a bandage.

While she ate her massive meal, Amanda Bynes reportedly talked to herself, before booking herself into a hotel for the night.

Amanda’s release coincides with a Radar Online report that her mother allegedly filed a petition to become her conservator once again. According to that report, Lynn Bynes filed documents on October 22 requesting to be granted a conservatorship for her daughter, which would put her in control of Amanda’s well-being and finances.

Lynn Bynes previously had legal control over her daughter, but that temporary conservatorship ended in the summer after a year.

An inside source also claimed that Amanda Bynes’ relationship with her parents has been ruined forever, as she is still angry with them for tricking her into treatment.