Christie Brinkley Gets Apology From Ex-Hubby Peter Cook’s Second Wife, Suzanne Shaw, For His Cheating Ways

Christie Brinkley has received an apology from Suzanne Shaw, the second wife of Brinkley’s ex-husband, Peter Cook, for ignoring her advice on Peter Cook’s cheating ways, according to the latest news from Page Six. The public apology was obtained by The New York Post.

“Christie and I have talked recently and I have privately apologized to her, but, given the public nature of their divorce and custody battle, I feel a public apology is also appropriate and deserved.”

Suzanne Shaw also went on to say that she was sorry for placing blame on Christie Brinkley for her troubled relationship with Peter Shaw, realizing later that it was his infidelity that had ruined the relationship.

In the apology letter to Christie Brinkley, Suzanne Shaw also wants it to be known that Christie Brinkley is a good mother, and not the castrating, bitter ex-wife as she was portrayed in the media. Shaw wishes that she had listened to Christie Brinkley’s warning, instead of supporting Cook.

“Unfortunately, I fell under Peter’s spell, but now that the reality of who he is has been revealed, I regret my involvement. Christie is a wonderful mother and community member who involves herself in charitable causes and has truly made a contribution to society.”

Christie Brinkley first met Peter Cook during their modeling days in 1979. They bumped into one another again years later and hit it off. The couple, who married in September 1996, were married for 10 years, until it came to light that Peter Cook had cheated on Brinkley with a teenage girl, a girl that he hired as his personal assistant at his architect firm. The 19-year-old girl was identified in the media as Diana Bianchi. Bianchi admitted that she had been sexually involved with Peter Cook since she was 18-years-old. The affair literally destroyed Brinkley’s marriage, according to People.

During Christie Brinkley’s divorce and custody battle with Peter Cook, both Cook and Shaw publicly vilified Brinkley. But now that the tables have turned, and she is the wife of the same cheating husband, she totally understands what Christie Brinkley went through.

To this, Suzanne Shaw tells Brinkley, “Christie was wrongly vilified as being an embittered ex-wife I now believe she had every right to do what she did by taking a public stand; she was only trying to protect her children and have the truth be told.”

Despite all of her exes, age-defying Christie Brinkley is still going strong, and still has tons of fans who are inspired by her happy demeanor and her good looks all these years later. Brinkley has attributed her diet and exercise regime for helping her to maintain a youthful appearance. In August of this year, Inquisitr reported that Brinkely’s other ex-husband, Billy Joel, serenaded her at his concert with his hit song “Uptown Girl.” The sweet serenade left the blonde beauty giggling in the audience.