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Mariah Yeater Gives Interview, Says She Has Proof To Back Up Justin Bieber Claim

Mariah Yeater - The Insider Interview

Mariah Yeater has appeared on news magazine The Insider where she is once again adamant that Justin Bieber is the father of her child, this after she made the same claim against another male just months earlier.

In her interview Yeater says she has evidence that Bieber impregnated her in October 2010 during a 30-second sexual encounter after one of Bieber’s performances at the Los Angeles Staples Center. In her interview Yeater stated:

“I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it will show in court to prove that my allegations are true. He immediately took a liking to me. We got to talking…and then…he asked me would you mind if we could go somewhere and be alone? He went from cute and gushy to more aggressive.”

Yeater has also revealed that she has hired former White House attorney Jeffrey Leving to represent her in the paternity lawsuit she filed against Bieber. Leving is a prominent Fathers’ Rights expert and President of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood.

Bieber has a high-profile lawyer of his own on his side in Matthew Hiltzik.

Bieber is still adamantly denying Yeater’s allegations while calling them “crazy.”

In the meantime Justin Bieber’s council has set up a DNA test for later this month well ahead of what would likely have become a court mandated test. Bieber’s representatives plan to file a defamation of character lawsuit the moment the DNA test comes back negative.

Here’s Mariah Yeater’s interview from The Insider:

Are you on team Yeater or team Bieber? If he’s found not guilty his ensuing countersuit could scare many would-be crazies away from filing frivolous lawsuits. If the test is positive Yeater will become very rich from a 30-second romp.

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86 Responses to “Mariah Yeater Gives Interview, Says She Has Proof To Back Up Justin Bieber Claim”

  1. Taylor Delage

    you know what this chick just wants money really either way in 2010 he was 16 she looks about 18-20 isn't that statstatory rape? well I'm team bieber all the way this mariah girl is just phsyco.

  2. Amanda Berberick

    This baby don't look nothing like bieber.. She just wants money.Why would bieber pick her out of all these pretty girls he can get.She ain't nobody.. Ain't nothing to look at..Poor baby..

  3. Silver Cheongsan Bullet

    I pity this girl for entering this kind of situation..
    She is just making people hate her most likely justine bieber's fans.
    if I were really her and if justin beiber is the father of my baby, I will talk to him secretly and tell him about our baby, and if he denies, I will raise my child alone.. I wont care about that jerk..

    but if justine bieber proves that his not the child, well I'm very sorry for that girl who is madly inlove with jb..
    That girl just put her reputation on risk..

    >>but if the girl proves that her baby is jb's, well I don't like justine bieber either hate him, but I will hate him for this.. Its jb's fault for being a sex maniac..

    >>i don't want to make sex with someone unless I love him.. I don't know if jb knows how to love..

  4. Dionne Capers

    THIS BITCH IS A HOLE 30 sco Justin Bieber is not the father of this baby she is making this story up I feel bad for the baby. I THINK THAT SHE NEED TO GO FIND THE BABY DADDY BECAUSE JUSTIB BIEBER IS NOT IT.

  5. Randy M Sellers

    BY Chloe Melas9.33 AM EST 11.08.2011.
    Mariah Yeater Storms Out Of Interview After Watching Justin Bieber Deny He’s The Father!
    Justin Bieber, Mariah Yeater.
    Mariah Yeater Interview.
    Click For More Pictures Of Mariah Yeater!
    comments 24
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    When ‘The Insider’ plays a video of Justin saying the baby mama drama is a bunch of B.S., Mariah breaks down and leaves the interview — TWICE!

    Is Mariah Yeater‘s story beginning to fall a part? The woman who alleges to have slept with Justin Bieber after a concert at the LA Staples Center last year can barely formulate complete answers during her interview on The Insider. Is it because she knows her story is full of cracks? Justin is standing by his word that he never met her, and even Justin’s bodyguard corraborates his version of events.

    All appeared to be fine when Mariah brought her three-month-old son Trystan into the interview, but when confronted with the video of Justin denying he’s the father — she breaks down! Mariah can’t explain why her story is true and she even says other girls saw her with Justin backstage. Mariah had to leave the room twice because she was so distraught. But could it have been a distraction because she was caught off guard with the intense questioning?

    Watch the second part of the interview with Mariah tonight on The Insider.
    — Chloe Melas.

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    Posted at 5:54 PM on November 10, 2011.

    I can see this happening. Beiber gives a DNA sample. Yeater knowing it’s not his child then refuses to offer the baby’s DNA sample and tells some BS story about how she now doesn’t want Beiber to be in her child’s life and it’s up to him now to sue her or file his own paternity suit to prove he is not the father. In the meantime she is getting paid for more interviews and still willing to settle out of court. Watch and see.

  6. Danielle Gergen

    She's twenty. And that was my thought. If they prove he's the father, can he file rape charges? I think it's within the law.

  7. Taylor Delage

    Danielle Gergen ya i do to plus he has proof that he didnt have sex with her so when the paternity test comes out shewill be the new casey anthony but not as bad she didnt do anything as horrible as she did but mariah will get her fair share of hate>,<

  8. Angela Johnson

    I think this is pretty stupid. He's not the father. All she's after is money, and as soon as the paternity test comes back that he's not the father she's going to look like the biggest dumb ass on earth. CAN'T WAIT.

  9. Penny Astral Silver

    I cant believe how someone could be so very very stupid.m Maybe she will get money from newspapers and stuff for her nasty story. The chick is just working an angle.

  10. Penny Astral Silver

    she is not in love, honey. her boyfriend proved that he wasnt the baby's father. so, she is just trying to find a bigger fish to fry.

  11. Mayra Mussarrat

    this women is CRAZY! this is fake and she wants MONEY! justin bieber forever!

  12. Alexis Nava

    Actually since he's a Canadian citizen and the age of consent is 16 there he can't file for rape charges.

  13. Mayra Mussarrat

    i dont think that a guy with a hot gf is gay but maybe YOU ARE!

  14. Shelley Mcmullen

    I think he is denying it so his gf don't leave him, and it doesn't ruin his career. But the whole age thing is so stupid, so what that she is like 20 and he is 16. If they did have sex, he consented to it. I really don't like justin Bieber, but if this shit is true, he should stop being a lil bitch and admitt to what he did.

  15. Taylor Delage

    Alexis Nava well either way he didnt do it its not his kid he has more proof and shes a crazy witch :)

  16. Ellen Tietjen

    Alexis Nava – Since the act is said to have taken place in California and not Canada, California state law takes precedence and in California the age of consent is 18. It doesn't matter what Canadian law is if the action didn't take place in Canada. They don't hold jurisdiction.

  17. Natalie Alexandra Colon

    I love how in the end shes like " No comment " , Um maybe because you know your lying and have nothing to say? I'm not a fan of JB at alllll but why would he choose her when he can have so many other girls. Don't believe it.

  18. Amanda Christine Meyers

    first off why the hell do yall hate him so much… hes a child who has inspired other children.. hes harmless. Hes obviously not gay , I don't understand why you would think or say such hateful things about a 17 yr. boy. jealousy is the ugliest trait my friends.. get a life and stop hating on someone you know nothing about nor his story.

  19. Amanda Christine Meyers

    2nd… shes your typical whore who doesn't know who tha baby daddy is so I'm sure she figured… hey go big or go home rite… fuck it.. I'm blame justin bieber! smh.. that's what we call a nut bag!

  20. Rochelle Vincent

    ur right…cleary if he was so terrible he wouldn't be so popular in the first place….stop watching all those media shows and u might not have to hear about him.

  21. Rochelle Vincent

    Cleary she's lying. When she was called out about where he was after the show and witness' who saw him the whole time when she claims he took her to the bathroom, she had no comment. Clealry caught in a a lie and she is crazy. She really needs to get a life or go on Maury. Clearly she doesn't know who the father is, she tried to pin this on some other poor sucker a few months back.

  22. Rochelle Vincent

    And considering they classify this as a "sexual encounter" that doesn't mean intercourse at all..perhaps he was rubbing up on her and spread some of his friends, u can still get pregnant that way. Clearly it doesn't matter because she's crazy and usually ppl who go around calling others gay, are insecure with their own sexuality.

  23. Tony Rodriguez

    is she related to them kardashians…what happened with the last guy she went after?

  24. Sophia Goh

    justin bieber obviously not the dad. If he really was the dad, mariah would have brought the baby to the hospital and get it tested for its genes.

  25. Amanda Emily Martin

    Alexis Nava He lives in Georgia, has for a few years now which means he has become an American citizen, along with everything everyone said here about it being in California. So no matter what, she's got a huge lawsuit on her hands. Slander and defilement if he's not the father, and statutory rape if he is.

  26. Steffani Shayne

    uh, she a pedophile.
    I'm no big fan of JB, but he's got witnesses and evidence along with him. Mariah doesn't, she only has what she believes, and she is telling lies.
    Put yourself in JB's position.
    Datz fcked as hellz.

  27. Azusa Hun

    Rochelle Vincent You're a fucking idiot! Have you ever thought that CLEARLY there are a lot of stupid people like you who show him support, which is why he's rich in the first place.

  28. October Seins

    i agree with Rochelle, Bridget and Amanda but yeah just stop listening about the news on him if you don't like how he sings then get a fuckin' life not that i like his music im more into bring me the horizon and BrokeNCYDE but just so you know i just figured this stuff out for my friends she's a total fan wich annoys me other than people getting on here and bitching about how much they hate him if you do hate him get a life and stfu -_-

  29. October Seins

    I do agree isn't that just rape well then she can pess charges can't she but yes i'm on beibers side not to mention i hate this but i just wanted to find this for my friend

  30. October Seins

    Mayra Mussarrat you know what maybe you should check urself cuz maybe your gay and stop being such a dick people are just saying what they want who gives a fuck i personally disagree he's gay but then i agree he's ugly and sucks at singing

  31. Cassie De La Cruz

    1. he's the biggest fag alive…. let's get real. none likes him. its all auto tune u fks!!! he HAS NO TALENT!!
    2. if u guys love him so much, y dont u go suck his 2 inch
    3. get a fkn life and myob

  32. Albertus Rheza MacTavish

    From 10 Rape cases victim, this is clearly a big LIE coming from a weirdo, I never seen that the rape victim actually the one who STOOD up and show her face and even asking for interviews..Because wat I usually see is…rape victims DOn't WANT TO SHOW THEIR FACE to public, DOn't WANT TO DISGRACE THEMSELVES, and dun want to to get ashamed..also usually the family or relatives of the rape victim would be the one who stood up to the law, but shes all on her own and sue it on her own and show her face worldwide…
    So yeah..She's just lookin for attention and sensation..
    Or I dunno , is it because she's blonde (jk jk , jokin lol).
    Damn're such a weirdo.

  33. Amanda Kelley

    I kind of want this to be true. Not because I hate Justin Beiber or I don't like his music or anything, but I want to see all of these girls saying "OMG JUSTIN WOULD NEVER DO THAT, SHES A BITCH/HOOKER/C***/etc" eat their words.

  34. Sarah Moeller

    I hope you realize that he isn't the father. Mariah Yeater is a plain stupid person who just wants money to support her child. She filed the same thing on another male months earlier.

  35. Zerina Budimovic

    good luck with your life bitch, I always knew that Justin wasn't the dad ;);).

  36. Andrew Cevasco

    This woman is a freak. I don't like Justin's music but I'm on his side. I've listened to his music and I just don't like it. But I hate this woman's lying more. So Justin, I'm with you. This woman with her "No Comment", LOL. WOW. Okay, she is losing her court battle. People like her are the ones who should go to jail for wasting police resources and judge's time. Shame on her.

  37. Andrew Cevasco

    This woman is a freak. I don't like Justin's music but I'm on his side. I've listened to his music and I just don't like it. But I hate this woman's lying more. So Justin, I'm with you. This woman with her "No Comment", LOL. WOW. Okay, she is losing her court battle. People like her are the ones who should go to jail for wasting police resources and judge's time. Shame on her.

  38. Andrew Cevasco

    She's ugly? Have you seen your profile picture?

  39. Andrew Cevasco

    She's ugly? Have you seen your profile picture?

  40. Cassie Nova

    never said I was gorgeous, not pretending to be, but why dont we criticize you on your charming good looks

  41. Andrew Cevasco

    Sorry, I don't speak to fat people. And I'm better than you. You won't make it anywhere being a cashier in a supermarket. So stop picking fights and shut up.

  42. Cassie Nova

    Not picking a fight, just stating obvious facts. and what defines you as better than myself? the fact that you arent overweight, could it be that I have a medical condition that makes me that way and you are just too ignorant to acknowledge that? You, sir, are just an ignorant prick who seems to enjoy putting people down and making them feel bad about themselves.

  43. Andrew Cevasco

    I am not ignorant. I am arrogant. Learn the difference.

  44. Andrew Cevasco

    Just expressing my rights of the constitution. Why not reply to all the other hate comments? At least I'm not hated.

  45. Itorie Hall

    but it happened in the usa and the age of consent is 18 here so he can file charges it dosent matter where he's from

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