The Walking Dead: What Happened To Carol?

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Carol About To Die?

The Walking Dead fans will be excited to know that this Sunday’s episode, “Slabtown,” will finally reveal what happened to Beth Greene after she was kidnapped. However, the end of last week’s episode presented fans with a new mystery: Why wasn’t Carol Peletier with Daryl Dixon when he came back to the church?

As Wetpaint reports, the unseen entity with Daryl Dixon was a new character named Noah (Tyler James Williams), and he might be the key to saving both Beth and Carol. Noah cleans and does laundry at a hospital building, and he meets Beth sometime after she’s brought in and placed in a room at the facility. They’re both being held there against their will, and Beth has a very good reason to want to escape — she might get raped. You can check out Beth’s first moments in her new surroundings in The Walking Dead promo below.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Beth and Noah try to break out of the hospital, but Noah is the only one who succeeds in escaping. Beth reportedly gets caught by the “police” who patrol the building. But don’t worry too much, Bethyl fans — she doesn’t die in “Slabtown,” so Daryl Dixon still has time to become her knight in shining armor.

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead doesn’t just give fans an update on Beth — it also reveals that Carol is in the hospital with Beth. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Carol gets hit by a car driven by some of the hospital people. They load her into the vehicle, and Beth is there when her unconscious friend is carried into the hospital.

Fans of The Walking Dead who ship Caryl might worry that Carol will be killed in the hospital before Daryl can save her, but Wetpaint has promising news about the popular character. Melissa McBride was seen filming as recently as October 16 on the Alexandria Safe-Zone set, so this means Carol will still be around during the second half of season 5.

There’s no way Carol will still be stuck in the hospital by then. Andrew Lincoln recently talked to TV Guide about how Rick Grimes feels about Carol, and he revealed that Rick isn’t going anywhere until he finds out what happened to the woman he’s so indebted to.

“Rick knows Carol has just saved everybody’s lives. We’re not leaving until we know exactly [why she’s gone]. He knows Daryl wouldn’t leave, and if he has, he’s gone for a good reason and he will be back. There’s a great sort of loyalty within the original family group.”

Caryl fans probably won’t get to see Daryl and Carol together in “Slabtown,” but episode 6 will reportedly reveal what happened to Caryl after the pair started chasing that car with the white cross on the back of it.

After Daryl rejoins the group at the church, Noah can give them invaluable information about the hospital and the people there. The survivors can then set out on a rescue mission to save Beth and Carol. However, Beth might not make it out alive — as Wetpaint points out, it’s been weeks since Emily Kinney was spotted filming scenes on The Walking Dead set.

At least you can enjoy seeing more of Beth’s story this week on The Walking Dead. Are you relieved about Carol and worried about Daryl Dixon’s other potential love match?

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