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Man Makes Shocking Discovery After Noticing A Bald Spot In Lawn Outside Daughter’s Window

A simple bald spot in the grass of one Florida man’s lawn is responsible for tipping him off to a disturbing situation that was taking place right outside of his daughters’ bedroom.

According to WKMG, the incident happened at a home on Bass Lake Boulevard in Orlando, near Conway Elementary School. The father, who didn’t want to be identified, said that he has two daughters, ages eight and eleven. The man was mowing his yard when he noticed a large bald spot in the grass under his daughter’s bedroom window. The spot suggested to him that something wasn’t quite right, so later that night he decided to hide and watch the area. What he saw was shocking.

The father saw a man standing on a cinder block peeking into his daughters’ window. The man chased the peeper but he was able to get away when he hopped a neighbor’s fence. The father then called the police.

Fox 8 notes that the case is especially disturbing as it took place in a neighborhood that is near the Conway Elementary School. Police are investigating the peeping incident and plan to heighten security in the area. However, the father says he is taking matters into his own hands and has placed a black sheet over his daughters’ window, just to be safe.

The father also notes that he believes the man responsible has watched his daughters many times before for the bald spot to have been established in the lawn. He says there was no cinder block under the window when he mowed the lawn earlier in the day, but the block matched up with the bald spot that he had noticed.

Charlene Murray also lives in the neighborhood and told WKMG that it was typically a “quiet neighborhood.”

“It’s very scary. It’s always been a quiet neighborhood and I’ve never had any problems. I lived here for 25 years.”

The Blaze reports that other families in the area are taking measures to protect their children, including having children sleep in the living room instead of the bedroom until the suspect is caught.

Earlier this year, another peeping Tom was photographed in the act of spying on his own housemate, but was released by police with not so much as a slap on the wrist due to “lack of evidence,” even though the photograph was presented.

What do you think should happen to the suspected child peeping Tom when found?