Eric Matthew Frein: Police Closing In On Accused Pennsylvania State Trooper Killer

Eric Frein: Accused Cop Killer Finally Captured in Pennsylvania

Eric Frein, the man suspected of killing a Pennsylvania state trooper almost seven weeks ago, has finally been captured. The self-proclaimed survivalist was reportedly apprehended by U.S. Marshals as he hid out in an airport hangar in the vicinity of Buck Hill Falls, a resort community in the region’s Pocono Mountains. Though apparently still well-armed, Frein is said to have surrendered without incident.

According to CNN, Pennsylvania State Police spokeswoman Connie Devens confirmed Frein’s capture via an email to media outlets. She added that “no further information will be released or confirmed at this time.”

The fugitive’s capture brings to an end one of the largest manhunts in Pennsylvania’s history. The number of local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel in pursuit of Frein swelled at one point to nearly 1,000 officers, and he eventually made it onto the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. It’s already being estimated that the manhunt has racked up a price tag in the millions of dollars.

Eric Frein has been charged with various crimes, including first-degree murder and possession of weapons of mass destruction. The latter charge was brought on by the discovery of pipe bombs at one of the suspected cop killer’s camp sites.

Authorities say they also discovered a journal at one of Frein’s camp sites. Officials claim the journal gives an account of the shooting that sparked the manhunt.

Breaking: Accused Cop Killer Eric Frein Taken Into Custody In Pennsylvania

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Frein is accused of ambushing the Pennsylvania State Police Blooming Grove Barracks on the night of September 12. The killer allegedly used a.308 rifle to take the life of 38-year-old Cpl. Bryon Dickson. Another trooper, Alex Douglas, was wounded during the attack.

The residents of the heavily forested areas of northeastern Pennsylvania, where Frein has been hiding for nearly two months, are no doubt breathing a collective sigh of relief. Fear of the fugitive has kept locals in a near-perpetual state of fear, disrupting the normal flow of life in the popular tourist area. Because of Frein, the number of recreational visitors to the area has taken a hit. Worries over the whereabouts of Frein also forced the temporary closing of a school district, as well as the cancellation of events such as Halloween celebrations.

During the height of the manhunt, there was even a case of mistaken identity when a man named Jim Tully, who resembles Frein, was allegedly threatened by a law enforcement officer.

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