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Demi Lovato Set To Release Her Next Album In 2015

Demi Lovato has worked hard in 2014 supporting her fourth studio album, Demi, but that doesn’t mean the pop star will be slowing down anytime soon! In fact, news has broken that fans can expect a new album from the “Really Don’t Care” singer sometime in 2015!

According to Billboard, Demi Lovato has just wrapped up her North American tour, but that doesn’t mean that the pop singer is ready to hang up her hat. In fact, Demi’s manager, Phil McIntyre, told Billboard that she still has some radio shows to finish up for 2014 and then she will be heading back to the studio.

“She’s finishing up right now on the last leg of her touring for this year, and we finish it up with a couple of radio shows. Then the plan is for her to go back into the studio and start the next creative process. She’s already done some songs, but certainly the majority of it will kick off next year.”

While there is talk of Demi’s fifth studio album, according to MTV, there hasn’t been much talk when it comes to any solid release dates, according to Disney Music Group President Kent Bunt.

“We’re really excited. We’ve got a new album coming from her next year. We’re not talking about release dates yet. And she’s going to continue her world tour throughout next year.”

According to Entertainment Wise, during a recent interview with Z107 Radio, Demi Lovato stated that she has been working on some new material while she’s been on tour.

“I have a few songs already; I have been writing a little bit on the road… here and there. But I’ve recorded some stuff and I think I’m really going to dive into it early next year and just step away from touring and everything for maybe a little bit.”

What do fans think of a new album from Demi Lovato? Just check out the Twitter response for yourself!

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