Fire captain Troy Magee

New Orleans Fire Captain Dies During Training Exercise

A veteran fire captain from New Orleans died this past Sunday (October 26) during a routine training exercise, according to the New Orleans Fire Department.

WWLTV reported on the New Orleans’ firefighter’s tragic passing, identifying the 13-year-veteran of the Fire Department as Captain Troy Magee. Captain Magee had recently been assigned to the Special Operations Unit of the New Orleans Fire Department and died while participating in a basic training course.

“Captain Magee’s knowledge, professionalism and most importantly his character, exemplified what it means to be a firefighter,” said Timothy McConnell, superintendent of the New Orleans Fire Department. “As one of our promising young officers, he will be missed.”

According to Nola, the New Orleans man fell ill while participating in the training course taking place in Albuquerque. The release about Magee’s death did not state what the illness was. It is also unknown what the nature of the training course was–whether it was an extremely difficult obstacle course or a simpler training exercise. News reports also make it unclear if the New Orleans Fire Captain passed away due to the illness itself or if the illness had some kind of negative impact on Magee’s performance during the training course.

Troy Magee was an honored and respected firefighter in New Orleans. Just this year, Magee earned the Landrieu’s Outstanding Employee Award from the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu. Magee earned the honor for rescuing a victim from a car crash while he was off-duty on an interstate near Baton Rouge, according to the New Orleans Fire Department.

Since his passing, the firefighter’s remains have been sent back to New Orleans to be closer to his family. From there, Magee’s body was escorted by the New Orleans Fire Department and the New Orleans Police Department to a local funeral home. Funeral arrangements for the heroic New Orleans firefighter have not yet been set, but are pending.

Fire Captain Troy Magee will be remembered for his heroism and his service to the city of New Orleans and his country. Keep watch for reports about a memorial service honoring the New Orleans firefighting veteran.

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