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Photos of Justin Bieber’s Alleged Love Child, Tristyn Yeater, Hit the Web

justin bieber's baby

There’s plenty to make fun of when it comes to Justin Bieber’s alleged love child with Mariah Yeater. There’s the incredible amount of tween hatred being spread on Twitter. There’s Justin’s wholesome image falling to the wayside. And there’s Yeater’s teeth. Unfortunately, the story also involves an innocent four-month-old child, Tristyn Yeater.

Justin Bieber has reportedly agreed to take a paternity test to prove that he isn’t the child’s father. Once he proves that Yeater’s allegations were false, he plans on suing the 20-year-old Bieber fan for damaging his good name.

mariah yeater

As the rumors circulate about Bieber’s love child, the singer remains focused on his career. He said on “The Today Show” that he knows he will occasionally be a target but he will never be a victim.

Bieber tweeted:

“So Im going to ignore the rumors…and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!”

Here’s a side by side image of Justin Bieber’s baby photo next to his alleged child. (Via Buzzfeed)

baby vs baby

Here’s a father son image.

justin bieber

Do you think there’s a resemblance? Mariah Yeater does.

The Daily Mail reports that Yeater says the resemblance is “uncanny” and that all the proof she needs is in the little boys pout.

“Look, just look at his mouth… Look familiar? I pray that Justin sees theses photos, looks at Tristyn and knows in his heart that this is his child and our child. It’s going to be a nightmare for all of us if he keeps denying it. I just want what is right for our son I feel terribly hurt that we have been abandoned and none of my calls to Justin were returned.”

But Yeater will need more than some “look at this face” evidence to receive the $275,000 she’s seeking for child support.

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31 Responses to “Photos of Justin Bieber’s Alleged Love Child, Tristyn Yeater, Hit the Web”

  1. Kyia Manbevers


  2. Leigha-Nicole Smallz

    The look the same as babies, of course he's wouldn't look like his, what, 14 yr old dad? lmao I hope you beiber fans die of brain-rot. Although, youll probably die of crotch-rot first.

  3. Elizabeth Potter-Proffitt

    That baby doesn't look anything like him ( the chin, the ears) usually the first baby resembles the father. So definitely not his. Cute baby though.

  4. Kristie Lewis

    I hope that little girl Bieber is the father! God what a pansey!

  5. Mandeep Manhas

    the baby doesn't look anything like JB. the eyes, forehead, lips, nose, est… are just like Tristyn Yeater. gotta see what the truth is.

  6. Chojiberries-Buttercream Cheesyfish-McNoodles

    Justin Beiber isn't that hot himself. He is a spoiled diva-boy and a lot of celebrities have had bad things to say about him. I hope he is the father and has to pay up to her because he has enough money to support 15 kids and still have supafly watches. Fxck that ugly nukkah.

  7. Erica Shepard

    Actually, they don't HAVE to look alike for Justin to be his father. Baby Tristyn could resemble maybe his mothers dad or his great grandfather. So maybe you should stop bashing Mariah. You have no right. None of you know what exactly happened. I'm not saying I'm on her side though. Actually not on anyones side. Since I'm not much of a fan of Bieber. Still that doesn't mean I'm going to make rude comments about him. A lot of you need to grow up. Calling either of them 'ugly, stupid, fat' whatever you all were saying, is going to get you no where. I'm sure I could pick out tons of your flaws, just as well as you could pick out there's, or mine. So next time maybe think before you post/talk.

  8. Erica Shepard

    In your opinion she's ugly. So what does that have to do with anything? Just wondering..

  9. Kyia Manbevers

    She is kinda uggg to me.I ain't saying it like it's a fact even if it sounds like it I don't mean it like that. You are right it doesn't have nothing to do with anything. I didn't say that it did look at it again. I think she is not telling the truth but I don't know she could be but im saying not because he's taking a test.

  10. Kyia Manbevers

    Oh and juss so you know I ain't on anyones side. I don't have a bieber feaver and not a big fan. I juss don't think it is true but I don't know so………. don't get mad.

  11. Kyia Manbevers

    This is stupid. All of you guys need to stop hatin on yeater and and bieber it's stupid.

  12. Lauren Iloveyou

    thee baby looks nothing like justin bieber so Mariah Yeater I think yuo need to stop lieing because I don't think anyone will belive you until you do a dna to prove that he is the babys father!

  13. Mozzi Ilovejb Gummi

    she dropped the case and her bf has told everyone she was lying to get money :) x

  14. Yuliyana Gurlz

    how the courts, whether it is true tristyn yeater.
    was the son of Justin Bieber, and the results of DNA.. how positive, please tell me is it true..

  15. Stephanie Vaughan-Deak

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Famous people with lots of money will do anything to clear their name. She is supposed to have made it all up for $50,000 but that is a little hard to believe that someone would pay that much money for someone to make something like this up. I think she was probably paid some money to keep her mouth shut and go along with the new story. I mean why else wouldn't the results of the test be made public? I mean I think the little boy looks just like him. They even show a side by side photo of the baby and Bieber's baby photo. This is just what I think.. Makes the most sense to me. I honestly don't even know why I care LOL! The baby is adorable though

  16. Uzmera Shah

    no way he can't be justin's he iz totally different from jb nd if u agree then u r stupid.

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