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Burned Breasts Claim True Or For A ‘Quick Buck’?

Burned breasts are the subject of a lawsuit between a woman and a hookah bar owner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Katelyn Sobon and a friend were visiting the Trilogy Nightclub and Hookah Lounge last May. She claims people began dancing around a stripper pole when things got out of hand.

Sobon alleges someone knocked into her table and shook the coals from the hookah pipe sitting on the less-than-stable table, according to the Associated Press. Sobon said the hot coals landed on her breasts, leaving her cleavage burned and scarred.

The Philadelphia woman claims after the coals landed on her breasts, the dress she was wearing caught fire, according to Philadelphia Daily News. She said the hookah bar’s manager offered to pay for her medical bills after he apologized to her for the incident.

Sobon decided to sue the hookah bar’s owner and self-proclaimed manager, Mohamed El Laisy, for the severe pain and suffering she says she has endured from her burned breasts. Sobon claims her burned cleavage may need surgery to repair the scars. She is asking for $50,000 in the lawsuit for damages.

The lawsuit alleges the bar was “severely and excessively overly crowded” and nothing was done to keep too many people from entering the bar.

El Laisy told the Philadelphia Daily News Sobon is “full of it” and is trying to “make a quick buck.”

El Laisy claims Sobon refused medical care at the time she burned her breasts, but she did return at a later date with friends and said she was not going to sue. He said the bar provided free admission and drinks to Sobon and her friends as a type of peace offering that night.

After a few more visits from Sobon, El Laisy received a letter from Sobon’s attorney informing him that he was being sued for the incident resulting in the patron’s burned breasts. The owner was shocked to see Sobon return to the bar again after he received the letter.

“When she came in after I got that, I stopped her at the door. I said, ‘What are you doing? You’re trying to sue us!’ I find it funny that she tried to come back in after that.”

El Laisy maintains the stripper pole is not a real stripper pole and only used as a type of prop; it is not near the area where the hookah pipes are located. He also claims the club has not been very busy and was not on the night of the incident.

El Laisy claims the allegations are “too ridiculous,” especially after he did not see any evidence of burned cleavage when Sobon returned to the bar.

Sobon’s attorney could not be reached for comment and El Laisy’s later lawyer advised him to say no more about Sobon’s claims of suffering burned breasts at his bar.