Kate Gosselin Aiming to Run Marathon

Looks like Kate Gosselin is in training to run a marathon sometime soon. Over the weekend, the 36-year-old reality TV star was tweeting about her running escapades, noting on Sunday that she had just finished an 18-mile jog:

Holy cow! I just ran 18 miles! I’m amazed… And very hungry and extremely tired! 🙂 but very happy! 🙂

According to ‘sources’ close to Gather, the mom of eight started running to lose weight and cut down on stress. The former, at least, has clearly been achieved (see: above picture). Gather reports that Gosselin was running over 13 miles just a week ago, but has now added more miles.

When one of her followers tweeted her congratulations, Gosselin replied:

I’m hoping to do the full marathon instead of 1/2… But don’t tell any1. Lol. Not positive yet

While “don’t tell any1” suggests Gosselin doesn’t quite have the hang of this tweeting lark, she’s certainly got running nailed down. I think I might – and it really is a might – have walked 18 miles in 2011. I guess 20 miles is next for the former TV star.

If she were to book her spot on a starting line, one would assume she’d be running for a charitable cause. Then again, recent money-related woes might suggest otherwise – which don’t look like improving now she’s blogging (arf). Mind you, if she can resist a second Audi TT, I have a hunch she’ll be okay.