'19 Kids and Counting' star Jill Duggar Dillard's baby bump

Jill Duggar Dillard Baby Bump Update: ’19 Kids And Counting’ Stars Share New Photo

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard finally walked down the aisle during Tuesday night’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting. Fans had been waiting for this episode for months, and it seems most would say it was definitely worth the wait. After they said their vows, Jill and Derick didn’t wait long at all to move on to their next big project: becoming parents. As fans know, Jill Dillard is pregnant, and Derick just shared a new photo and update on “Baby Dilly’s” progress.

The 19 Kids & Counting stars have just passed the 19-week mark in their pregnancy. Derick shared a picture of Jill’s baby bump, something the couple has done nearly every week since announcing the news. He noted that they are about halfway through the pregnancy.

Derick also added the hashtag “#proudparents,” and it is easy to see that the Dillards are very much in love and excited to have their baby. The couple recently revealed that they’re expecting a baby boy, and Jill says she’s excited to be a boy mama.

Every photo Jill and Derick post goes viral among fans, this one having garnered more than 30,000 “likes” in a matter of hours. There has been quite a bit of speculation throughout the pregnancy that perhaps there are twins on the way for Jill and Derick, as a lot of fans wonder if her baby bump is a bit big at each stage for just one baby. However, at this point, Derick and Jill have consistently referenced one baby rather than twins.

The wedding isn’t quite the season finale for 19 Kids & Counting as some had wondered, though an “enhanced” wedding episode is set to air just ahead of the next new episode on November 4. Then, fans will get to see Jessa Duggar’s engagement to Ben Seewald. He created a personalized scavenger hunt for her, TLC notes, with each challenge representing something special from their courtship.

Luckily Jill has indicated that the TLC cameras are already capturing fresh footage for more episodes. However, at this point, it’s not quite clear when this current season will end or when a new one will begin. The new episodes to come will follow Jill and Derick along throughout their pregnancy, but she says they haven’t decided yet just how much viewers will get to see of the birth itself.

As fans wait for news on more episodes, they will definitely be following the Duggar family off-screen and via social media. Not only are Jill and Derick moving toward meeting their baby boy, but Jessa Duggar’s wedding to Ben Seewald takes place in Arkansas on November 1. Stay tuned for updates on Jill Duggar’s baby bump, Jessa’s wedding, and more 19 Kids & Counting episodes as news develops.

[Image via Derick Dillard’s Instagram]