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John Lennon’s Tooth Bought By Beatles Loving Dentist

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Only a man with a strong love for The Beatles would pay $30,000 for John Lennon’s tooth. Or maybe just a man who really loves teeth… A Canadian dentist just bought one of John Lennon’s teeth at an auction in Stockport.

The BBC reports Michael Zuk bid on the musicians molar by phone. Zuk bought the Beatle’s tooth for $30,500.

When Lennon lost the tooth he gave it to his housekeeper because her daughter was a big fan.

Karen Fairweather from Omega Auctions, said:

“It’s rather gruesome, yellowy, browny with a cavity… John Lennon came back from the dentist and gave it to his housekeeper and said to dispose of it ‘or better still give it to your daughter as a souvenir’.”

Lennon’s tooth was part of Alan McGee’s rock memorabilia collection. McGee, the former boss of Creation Records, said that he decided to sell the tooth and other memorabilia because he is sick of the music industry.

John Lennon’s tooth was expected to sell for about $15,000. Zuk purchased the unique piece of music (and dentistry) history for more than twice the estimated price.

Would you want to own John Lennon’s tooth? Did the dentist buy a unique piece of rock memorabilia or a disgusting and decaying artifact?

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7 Responses to “John Lennon’s Tooth Bought By Beatles Loving Dentist”

  1. Shelley Russell Germeaux

    I just think it's disgusting really. I'd be the first one to knock over a crowd of people for perhaps a nice lock of his hair, but this tooth gets my gag reflex going. I can't even stand to look at it. Where would you display this thing? John had the thing pulled because it was diseased! So…..there you are.

  2. Roberta Davis

    I would have loved the tooth…how ever I couldn't afford…If I had bought it I would take his DNA and clone him and marry him.

  3. John Bezzini

    Let's get to the root of the problem and put a cap on things and sing the song "Gimme Some Tooth." Chew on that one for a while. Ha Ha Ha-only kidding.

  4. Yvette A Vallejo

    We would use it at IDEA Dental Academy for the course of Dr. West

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