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Grand Theft Auto V announced, returning players to San Andreas


After months of speculation, hype, more speculation and more hype, Rockstar Games has officially announced Grand Theft Auto V by way of a new trailer.

Just as the rumors suggested, Grand Theft Auto V will be taking players back to San Andreas. You’ll be taking on the role of a yet-unnamed dad who makes the move to San Andreas to become a “good guy”. Naturally, things don’t exactly go according to his plan.

The release trailer didn’t provide us with a release date, nor did it say what consoles you can expect Grand Theft Auto V to be on. All we know is that, based on what Rockstar has said in the past, Grand Theft Auto V has been in production for a longtime.

With that said, there’s still plenty to take in with Grand Theft Auto V‘s debut trailer, so go ahead and check it out directly below.

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