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Jessica Biel Pregnant: ‘Baby Bump’ Finally Exposed In New Pics Of JT’s Wife?

Is Jessica Biel pregnant? New photos of the actress seem to prove that she’s expecting her first child with her husband, Justin Timberlake. While this isn’t the first time that baby rumors have circulated, many believe that the latest round of paparazzi pics proves that there’s a baby on the way. According to Pop Sugar, Biel was doing some shopping in Los Angeles on Wednesday when the camera lens found her. While it certainly looked like she was trying to keep her stomach covered by an over-sized scarf, Biel’s tummy actually bulged out through her button up.

These new pictures were released just one week after another batch of photos that showed Biel with Timberlake on a hike in New Zealand. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Biel seemed to be concealing a baby bump under a gray sweatshirt with an additional top tied around her waist. However, there were some pretty clear shots of Biel’s mid-section, and it’s hard to deny that there was something there. Now whether that was a “real” baby or a “food” baby has yet to be determined.

If Jessica Biel is pregnant, chances are she is not going to be able to hide it for much longer (she could already be five months along). However, she and Justin Timberlake are extremely private people, and they wouldn’t necessarily make an announcement. They may just go about living their lives and allowing the public to figure things out on their own.

According to Hollywood Life, the timing of this maybe-baby would make total sense. Justin Timberlake is wrapping up his 20/20 Experience Tour, and will soon be able to take some time off — perhaps for the good part of 2015, if he chose to do so.

Jessica and Justin just celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary. In general marriage-speak, this is a good time to start a family. The newlywed phase is over, and many couple’s are ready to take the next step by this time. Jessica and Justin have both said that they want children, so this would certainly be great news for them.

Do you think that Jessica Biel is pregnant? Do you think that she and Justin Timberlake will make an announcement of any kind if so?

[Photo courtesy of Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images via TV Guide]