6000 year old temple Ukraine discovered by archaeologists

Archaeologists Discover 6,000 Year Old Prehistoric Temple In Ukraine!

Archaeologists researching a massive prehistoric settlement in Ukraine have come across the remains of a temple that is thought to be at least 6000 years old. Measuring 197 x 66 feet in size, the temple was made of wood and was a two storied structure, reports the Christian Science Monitor. According to archaeologists Nataliya Burdo and Mykhailo Videiko, who were part of the team that discovered the temple, the two-story building is made of wood and clay, surrounded by a galleried courtyard. The upper floor is divided into five rooms, they wrote in a presentation they recently gave at the European Association of Archaeologists’ annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The temple, like the one mentioned in this article, was discovered in the midst of a vast settlement thought to of prehistoric origins. Archaeologists add that the temple was built before writing was invented.

Several artifacts and human figurines were also found inside the prehistoric temple. According to the Christian Science Monitor report, archaeologists found what is thought to be the remnants of eight clay platforms likely to have been used as altars. They also discovered a platform on the upper floor of the temple with remains of lambs and burnt bones — pointing towards the temple being used as a place where animal sacrifice was done.

According to archaeologists Burdo and Videiko, from the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the floors and the walls of the rooms on the upper floor of the temple was painted in red — perhaps to create a ceremonial atmosphere for the rituals that might have happened there. On the ground floor of the temple, archaeologists found additional platforms. The temple premise also had a courtyard which was also filled with animal bones. Apart from these animal remains, archaeologists also found several pieces of bronze and gold jewelry — many of them thought to have been worn on the hair by the people who lived there.

Archaeologists refer to the site of the temple as a Trypillia mega-site. It is located in the Nebelivka region of Kirovograd Domain in Ukraine. The name Trypillia comes from the town of Trypillia, where the remnants of this ancient civilization were first discovered. If you wish to have detailed information about the discoveries that have been recorded from the site of this prehistoric temple, it would be worthwhile taking a look at the paper published in the archaeological journal Antiquity. In a related report, a large 91-year-old Sphinx was discovered inside the sand dunes of California recently.

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