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Tyrese Responds To Spanky Hayes With A Fur Coat, Cigar And This Message

Tyrese Gibson has responded to Spanky Hayes’ allegations against him in the classiest way possible – by delivering a jaw-dropping speech while wearing a fur coat and smoking a cigar.

Tyrese is known for posting inspirational and thought-provoking videos on his official Facebook page, but it seems as if he pulled out the big guns with this video – especially with the way that he opened his speech.

“What man wakes up and says, ‘You know what? Today…I want to end my career. Today, I want to figure out a way to stop my kids from eating. Today I want to commit career suicide.’ You know you done f****d up, right?”

As reported by the Inquisitr on Tuesday, comedian Spanky Hayes recently claimed that he was beaten in a close race for the lead role in the 2001 John Singleton-directed film, Baby Boy. According to his allegations, the only reason why he lost the lead role was because the other actor agreed to perform oral sex on the director. While it is true that Spanky Hayes did not name Tyrese specifically, he did identify the movie.

After opening his rebuttal speech, Tyrese focused on giving Spanky some behind-the-scenes information about Baby Boy that most fans of the movie (and loyal fans of Tyrese) already knew. He stated that John Singleton only wanted one person after his first choice passed away – Tyrese Gibson.

“It was written for Tupac. That’s a factual fact. When Tupac was killed, [John Singleton] only had one person in mind to play ‘Baby Boy.’ It wasn’t them. It wasn’t you…It was me.”

Tyrese went on to say that there was an audition, but it was just a formality since he already had the role.

According to his statement, Tyrese only auditioned to help John Singleton screen potential actresses for the roles of his mother and future wife in the movie.

Later in the speech, Tyrese basically blackballed Spanky Hayes, helping him to commit “career suicide” by claiming that he would never get work again in that town.

“It’s over. You didn’t have a career at first. But it definitely just ended… You’ll never perform at the Chocolate Factory. You’re never going to perform at The Improv. You’re never going to do any of the things that any struggling comedian needs to do in order to get their career off the ground. It’s over.”

In addition to his words, Tyrese was able to also slam any allegations from Spanky Hayes with his actions in the video. For instance, along with wearing a fur coat and smoking a cigar, Tyrese is filmed walking around his large property – including his outdoor theater.

To close out the video, Tyrese put icing on the cake by offering to look at a reel featuring the highlights of Spanky Hayes’ career thus far on his outdoor theater screen.

“I don’t know who you are. Let me go ahead and look at your sizzle reel and look at all of the stuff that you’ve been able to accomplish in your career.”

After staring at a blank screen for a few seconds, Tyrese Gibson yelled, “IT DON’T EXIST, B**CH!”

At the very end of the video, a message appears on the screen as Tyrese’s final words to Spanky Hayes.

“I hope your five minutes of fame was fun while it lasted…”

What do you think?

Was Tyrese able to successfully erase those allegations? Did Spanky Hayes truly commit “career suicide?”

[Image Credit: Ace Showbiz]