'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Vine Is Brilliant

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Vines: Even Funnier Than The RKOs

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin may have been retired for a while now, but you still hear about him every week on sites like ours and throughout the IWC.

Part of that is because Austin puts on one of the best podcasts, period, in The Steve Austin Show, which airs a family-friendly version on Tuesday and an “Unleashed” version on Thursday (lots of “F-bombs” and “Cluster-mucks”).

Even though most wrestling fans are clamoring for a comeback, that apparently isn’t going to happen. Thankfully, now it doesn’t have to because Wrestling LAD has given us the ultimate dose of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin greatness in a hilarious response to the RKO Vines going around the Internet.

While Wrestling LAD doesn’t go on as long as the RKO Vines, he captures the essence of what made Austin the “toughest SOB” in the WWE.

Frankly, I’ve seen both the RKOs and these Stone Cold Stunner Vines, and in my book, the Rattlesnake wins every time. In fact, I can’t quit watching it. But enough of me rambling on about how great it is. See for yourself.

Not only does “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make for one heck of a Vine, but he’s also quite the wrestling commentator these days. On Thursday’s show he recorded a highly entertaining voice-over of his match with The Rock at WrestleMania XVII, and he also frequently shares his thoughts on the state of the WWE product.

Most recently he took aim at the booking of one Seth Rollins, saying that the WWE had “emasculated” Rollins in its handling of his character at Night of Champions.

And like many fans, he seems to favor a Cesaro push more than the team behind WWE Creative does.

The “Swiss Superman” is one of the most popular performers in the WWE, but the company has had him on quite the losing streak when it comes to his quest for championship gold.

Austin believes that while Cesaro’s game is “missing one or two things” and that he’s “not sure about the Jason Statham look,” he’s got the tools to be the next big WWE superstar.

As big as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin? Not possible. The man, by his own admission, is a “global icon” and a “national treasure.” And if you don’t believe that, then go back up and watch that Stone Cold Stunner Vine a few more times.