Brad Pitt's heartbreaking journey in new war movie

Brad Pitt: 5 Movies To Hold You Over Until ‘Fury’ is Released On DVD

With Brad Pitt’s Fury making $8.8 million at the box office during its opening Friday night, critics are hailing the movie as a success.

But maybe you can’t make it to the theater right away? Here are some of Brad’s best movies available now to keep you going until Fury makes it to DVD.

12 Monkeys

Though the world is now used to Brad Pitt playing all kinds of crazy characters, when 12 Monkeys released in 1995, the teeny bopper movie audience that had catapulted Pitt to fame was shocked to see the actor playing a disheveled crazy man in the Terry Gillam time-travel thriller. Cast along with Madeline Stowe and Bruce Willis, the movie was a dark and twisted story of just how wrong science fiction can go.


Also released in 1995, Se7en showed a completely different side of Brad Pitt. Playing opposite the amazing Morgan Freeman, Pitt was calm, cool, and collected—until everything fell apart. Don’t watch this one while you’re eating dinner. Just don’t.

Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club is, of course, that you don’t talk about Fight Club, but it’s impossible to discuss the trajectory of Pitt’s rising star without visiting this 1999 flick. Reunited with director David Fincher, director of Se7en, Fight Club counterpointed Pitt with Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter for the biggest shocker ending since Sixth Sense. The movie proved, yet again, that Pitt was willing to get his pretty mug beaten up for a great movie.


2000’s Snatch brought movie goers a new side of Brad Pitt—one that was very difficult for American audiences to understand. Literally. Working with Benecio del Toro and Jason Statham, Pitt took on the role of Irish Traveler Mickey O’Neil. He spent quite some time learning to speak in O’Neil’s Pikey dialect. Most American audiences couldn’t understand a word he said. His boxing scenes at the end, however, spoke for themselves.

Inglourious Basterds

2009 saw Brad Pitt join forces with directing powerhouse Quentin Tarrentino for the film Inglourious Basterds. A World War II movie that focuses on a plan to assassinate Nazi war leaders, Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine to critical acclaim.

From his marriage to superstar Angelina Jolie and the regular magazine stories about their multinational family, to his storied and extensive movie career, Brad Pitt hasn’t left the American consciousness since he found a place there. Fury looks to be another fantastic addition to his portfolio. The movie has a rating of 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and has received rave reviews everywhere from NPR to The Atlantic.

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Movie poster image used courtesy of Yahoo Movies.