Jimmy Fallon, Bradley Cooper Have ‘Egg On Face’ From Playing Egg Russian Roulette

We just don’t have enough to do. Us Magazine tells all about The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, and guest, Bradley Cooper, trying to kill the audience with laughter by getting the proverbial “egg on your face” in a parody called “Egg Russian Roulette.” Jimmy Fallon appears to be the more experienced of the duo, and walked on egg shells while the two played on for the world.

Gossip Cop explains that the victor is the one who has the least egg on their face, and the loser is the first to smash two raw eggs on their face, or so we believe. In reality, the audience wins all through the uproar and enormously ridiculous yet hilarious drama that unfolded during the program on October 17.

Jimmy Fallon’s sidekick and announcer, Steve Higgins, kept the game fair and square by allowing Fallon and Cooper to select only one egg at a time. Instead of a loaded revolver, a dozen eggs are responsible for the cliffhanger that entails. Only four of the eggs are loaded, or still fresh; the remaining eight eggs are safe and hard-boiled.

Safe is a matter of opinion, since each player has to carefully choose an egg and then smash it on their forehead. If it breaks, a point is lost. That, too, is a matter of opinion because the whole game is so, well, pointless.

Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper sat across from each other with a small table separating them. Each wore a new type of ball cap that features a wig on top (allegedly for bald men) so they were styling, indeed. After several failed-attempts by each player, Jimmy Fallon drew first-blood when his egg smashed open on his own face.

This match marks the first time Jimmy Fallon has challenged a guest to “Egg Russian Roulette” since stepping into the driver’s seat as the host of The Tonight Show.

The Inquisitr reports that Jimmy Fallon took over the program in February following Jay Leno’s departure as the King of Late Night Comedy.

When Jimmy Fallon hosted Late Night, he challenged only three other guests — Tom Cruise, Edward Norton, and David Beckham — to play “Egg Russian Roulette.” This helps keep the game fresh in the eyes of Fallon’s public.

As the game inches towards the grand finale, the unthinkable happens. Gamblers could have made out like bandits if the game carried bets, because the long-shot won out.

Who would believe that Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper would draw the last two eggs standing, and in a gentleman’s fashion, smash the eggs on each others face. Both eggs broke and it just goes to show, there’s no business like show business.

[Image NBC]